Fans react to Alstott's retirement

The retirement of Mike Alstott has created an outpouring among Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans, even before the official announcement. Here are some of the posts fans have left at our message board. If you want to post your memory of Mike, the link is at the bottom of the page.

Bears fan here, and I loved the way Mike played the game — smashmouth. He was truly a throwback player. I will miss seeing him play. Good luck next year Buc fans!! — Hampton Crunch

Buc fans everywhere shed a tear. This beast of a fullback will be greatly missed....the First Bucs Jersey I bought was a #40!!!!! — BayCaddy420

Very sad day for us Bucs fans. Alstott was the epitome of class, grit, and determination. I will miss him a bunch. It's the end of an era… — Suedon70

This is touching me very deeply. I must confess I was also crying a tear. This is very, very sad. This man really loved to play football and he is and will always be a Buccaneer with all of his heart. He almost cried at the press conference, and he really plucked my heartstrings. This is so sad I cannot find the right words. My sincere condolences to all the Buccaneer Fans — KatrinaLore

I needed to check a number of sites to make myself believe A-Train has retired. Look up "hard nose football" or "leader" and you'll find a large picture of No. 40. This season was hard enough to watch knowing he wasn't able to play. Now we'll have to live with the thought of him being outta there forever. We Bucs are a tough bunch, though, we will rise again next year! — BigI2K

Mike Alstott was more than a damn good FB/RB. He was one of the faces that people conjure up when they think of their Bucs. To have the loyalty from a player like Alstott to our team has been a source of pride whenever I tell someone I am a Buccaneers fan.

I loved watching Alstott run right over would-be-tacklers. Not many other players could drop their shoulders like he could and take the hit. As an added bonus, the player trying to tackle him often ended up getting bowled over on national T.V., and we get a brief soundbyte of Ozzy Osbournes' Crazy Train.

There are people who say he has never had a 1000 yards rushing season, ...who cares.

Or to remind us that he ran for 171 yards last season in 16 games....again, so what?

We all know that his stats were slipping each year, and Bucs fans never blamed him for that....he wasn't the one calling the plays.

We were the ones sitting in the sold out stadiums chanting "Give Mike The Ball!!!" over and over again, and then going bat**it when he did get the carry.

Alstott would bring the whole stadium to their feet when he ran for anything more than 5 yards.


The answer is easy.

He's our guy. Was our guy.

We could all relate to him. Humble, quiet, soft spoken, a dedicated player who had an undying loyalty to the team he loved, and a true workhorse. He loved playing the game.

He easily could've went to another team for more money and more playing time anytime he wanted to. Instead he lowered his contract to a mere million dollars a year just to retire as a lifetime Buccaneer.

The man has class.

Thanks for the memories Mike. — ThePewterPirate

I think he's had a great career here in Tampa and I'm glad I had the chance/opportunity to root for him. It will be sad to see him go, but I'm glad he's going on his terms and not being forced out.

Thanks for the memories Mike... you'll be missed. —TBayXXXVII

Buc fans, please indulge an outsider for a moment if you will.

Mike Alstott was a throwback in every sense of the word. In an era of flash and cash football, he brought a blue-collar work ethic and attitude to the game. I really enjoyed watching him play the game that I love.?He was always running downhill. Lord help any linebacker or defensive back when he broke the line of scrimmage.?A grinder who spun clock and won games, Mike never seemed to begrudge others the spotlight. He just came to work and did what was asked to help his team win.?Put simply, Mike Alstott did it right.?Chris Berman's over the top highlight calls of Alstott carries were great. I will miss hearing them. The NFL will miss Mike Alstott. I will miss watching him play. — BattleRedTexan

Memories? Yeah, I have some and they are all bad. I recall him carrying half our defense on his back when crossing the goal line more times than I care to remember. One of the great FB's of all time in my humble opinion. — BigBirdy

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