BucsBlitz.com Mailbag — Feb. 19

A running back tandem in Tampa Bay? Does Alge Crumpler tickle your fancy as a free agent tight end? Is Jacques Reeves a possibility to replace Brian Kelly? And what QB would you sign to back up Jeff Garcia? These questions are answered in Tuesday's "Bucsblitz.com Mail Bag."

Now that Michael Bennett is signed, I have a strong feeling that without Caddy (Carnell Williams) and (Michael) Pittman next year we could see a tandem approach with (Michael) Bennett and (Earnest) Graham! I cant say I oppose that idea! — BayCaddy420

I'm not opposed to a Graham-Bennett tandem, either. But I do believe the Bucs will sign at least one more free agent running back, or attempt to draft one on the second day of April's Draft. The reason is simple. With a position as important as running back — and the injury status of Carnell Williams very much in doubt — the Bucs will want as many options as possible.

I firmly believe that a full year in the Bucs' offensive system will benefit Bennett in two ways. First, he'll have a firm grasp of the offense. Second, he'll get a full year earning the trust of head coach Jon Gruden, and that's so important in getting playing time out of him.

As for Graham, he could use a breather every now and again. And I'm interested to see if Graham's success last year was a product of necessity or talent.

Sign Alge Crumpler. this should have already been done. iDRIVEaCADDY

First off, Crumpler is not quite a free agent yet, as the Falcons haven't officially released him yet. But he will be.

I've seen two trains of thought on Crumpler. First, he's an upgrade over anything the Bucs have at TE right now. Second, that his knee issues could hinder his production.

My take? Crumpler is an upgrade over Alex Smith, he's only been in the league seven years and his knees would benefit from the bouncy grass at Raymond James Stadium. Gruden uses his tight ends like assembly line cogs, so Crumpler doesn't have to have a huge season for the investment to pay off. A TE tandem of Crumpler and Smith that produces 80 catches would be a tremendous upgrade statistically over the past few seasons at the position.

I wouldn't break the bank for Crumpler, but I would certainly pursue him and sign him if a reasonable contract can be had.

This was in response to a post on Dallas CB Jacques Reeves, who will be an unrestricted free agent and commented on his possible interest in the Bucs in an article at Bucsblitz.com recently:

No! No! No! He's not what you think. People in Dallas don't even care if he goes. He's not their answer. No-NO-No. — Dizzy3A

Dizzy, don't hold back. Tell me what you really think.

Among free-agent cornerbacks Reeves is ranked No. 5, so he's going to attract some interest. He's also coming off easily his best season, as he started 13 games, notched 60 tackles and picked off a pass. He could very well be a classic "contract-year" player. In other words, someone will likely give him too much money to play for them next season.

Should that team be the Bucs? Well, Reeves' advantage is that he's played in a solid defensive system in Dallas and for good defensive coaches. His disadvantage is that he's not a ball-hawk type of cornerback (just one interception) and it took him three years to win a starting job for a team that really only had one shut-down guy in Terence Newman.

I look at overpaying a player like this. If you're going to break the bank and tether a good portion of your cap space to one guy, he'd better by Peyton Manning or Reggie White. If Reeves were that type of player, the Cowboys would have re-signed him already.

The Bucs need help at cornerback and they should only investigate Reeves if they can get him at a fair price.

Let's see if this is a popular idea or just my lone great one. Jeff Garcia manages us well. I have no complaints. I've actually been a lot happier this past season about our QB play than I have been in a very long time. I'm going to cut straight to the chase here. I say Bruce (Allen) and Jon (Gruden) should take a look at getting QB David Carr out of Carolina and into a Buccaneers uniform! I've followed Carr since he was drafted back in 2002. He is a talent. His only concern that I've seen in the past was that of a skeptical offensive line. I believe our O-Line has taken a big step into becoming a better unit. If we could keep Carr protected he could give us the downfield stretch that we rarely get to see but still love it when we do. That's nothing against Jeff! I'm proud of what he did for us. I just don't see him wanting/being able to perform at a high level for many more years. Isn't he about 37? — TokinGabe

Wow, TokinGabe, that was long. And I certainly appreciate the thought you put into this. But I can't possibly agree less with you. David Carr is a bust, pure and simple. He has a great arm. But he's taken way too many hits and I don't think he reads coverage that well, which I think became his big issue in Carolina last year. Yes, Garcia is old (he actually just turned 38), but I think Luke McCown, or for that matter Chris Simms, is a better option behind Garcia. I would even draft a QB late, like a Josh Johnson from San Diego, before I signed Carr. I'm just not a fan.

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