Bucs Post-Game Quotes

November 3 - Read what Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden and his players said after their 38-24 victory at Raymond James Stadium Sunday.

Martin Gramatica On His First Punt in a Game:
"It's something we practice every week, just to be ready."

Martin Gramatica On His Performance
"It was upsetting to miss one, but it was good how the offense and defense played and we're happy to get the win."

Keyshawn Johnson On Brad Johnson's Performance with Broken Ribs:
"It says a lot about him. I knew he was going to perform well based on the past week's performance at practice. He wanted to come back last week but that didn't happen. The line did its job and the receivers got open."

Keyshawn Johnson on Whether or Not He Was Personally Satisfied with Today's Performance:
"No, being 7-2 is satisfying for me. Anytime the team can play well and put up a win is satisfying."

Keyshawn Johnson On Going into a Bye Week with a Win:
"It was huge. Coach Gruden brought up the point about teams losing before the bye week and how important it was to play our best."

Keyshawn Johnson on Stepping Up While Keenan McCardell and Joe Jurevicius Were Injured:
"I don't call the plays. Anytime you have the opportunity to make the plays you try to deliver. Being an older player on this team, when those opportunities come up, you have to take advantage of them."

Keyshawn Johnson on Being More Involved In The Offense:
"Being 7-2. I would say I have been a big part all along. The media and fantasy football players all look at numbers, but my objective is to play the best I can each week."

Keyshawn Johnson On How Open the Passing Lanes Were:
"It was a direct result of a lot of things. We were able to run the ball and get the Vikings defense out of cover 9 and into man-to-man and cover 3. We were also able to run the ball after it was caught because we created that and did the things we were supposed to do."

Keyshawn Johnson His Opinion on Putting up Better Numbers than Randy Moss:
"It only means something to the media. I know what type of player I am. That is why I was picked No. 1 in the draft and traded for 2 No.1 picks. I don't worry about Randy Moss, I just worry about myself."

Aaron Stecker On his 59-yard Run:
"I'm just happy I got the opportunity. I just go out there and try to make a play. I'm not thinking about making four or five yards, I'm looking for the big play and sometimes I get knocked back for a loss. Today I got one carry and made the most of it."

Aaron Stecker On the Outstanding Protection for Brad Johnson:
"I think we just got tired of the criticism. The line was doing well, the running backs weren't great along with the tight ends. The receivers have been open, but today we gave Brad the protection and good things happened."

John Lynch On Going into the Bye Week With a Win:
"It's not fun to go in with a loss. It just festers for an entire two weeks. Now we're 7-2 -- a place this team has never been -- but we know we still have a job to do and it starts with Carolina in two weeks. The time off will be great to get a lot of players back that we need."

John Lynch On Brad Johnson Playing So Well With Broken Ribs:
"It must be the hair. I have tremendous admiration for him. We have had a few cases of that this year, Jenkins playing with a broken ankle and it's a sign that we have something special going on this year and you want to be a part of that."

Derrick Brooks Going into a Bye Week at 7-2:
"I'm proud of it, but it really hasn't soaked in yet I'm still hammering away. Going into November winning 7-of-9 there's a good chance at making the playoffs."

Derrick Brooks On Containing Daunte Culpepper:
"It helped us win the game, plus getting a couple of turnovers. We still allowed a couple of long plays and that's what keeps me up at night."

Warren Sapp On Being 7-2:
"We're still battling up hill. Even with New Orleans on a bye they still beat us at home so they're on top. That's how I look at it. But it's definitely a confidence booster going into November when we always play well."

Warren Sapp On Keyshawn Johnson's Tremendous Effort:
"He's a beast. With Keenan out we expected that from him. Bottom line is he will get it done when he needs to."

Warren Sapp On the Offensive Line's Struggling Performance:
"How can you be 7-2 and be struggling? I've never heard them say that. But what we had today was a quarterback with cracked ribs and didn't get touched. You have to take your hat off to the front five, tight ends and running backs."

Jon Gruden On Brad Johnson's Performance:
"He had a good week of practice and this is a guy who has played football a long time. If he says he's ready then he's ready and he exemplified that today."

Jon Gruden On His Enthusiasm on Scoring on the First Drive After Eight Scoreless Quarters:
"People are really good at bringing up the scoreless ineptness. My mom tells me every night, 'What the hell's wrong with you, Jon?' I can't comment on what happened in Philadelphia or Carolina. We're just going to keep trying to build an offense that's not only competitive but that excites out fans."

Jon Gruden On Building Keyshawn Johnson's Confidence Having Scored Two Touchdowns:
"I don't think he has ever lacked in confidence. I have been trying to suck some of that out and spread it around to other players."

Jon Gruden On the Keys of the Game:
"The Vikings' defense made some key plays and put us into third-down conversions and the key today was our ability to make those."

Jon Gruden On the Offensive Performance:
"We had a good balance today between the run and pass. We still need to run the ball better, as you can see we leaned on Mike Alstott today, but the crossing routes are always going to be a big part of what we do here."

Jon Gruden On Getting Aaron Stecker the Ball More:
"You media were pushing me to get Alstott the ball more. Now you want Stecker, I mean what do you want me to do?"

Jon Gruden On His Feelings on Where the Team is Halfway Through His First Season:
"I'm not a real philosophical guy. We are going to get what we deserve and we work very hard. I respect the situation I was brought in under, succeeding a guy that did a great job here, left this coaching staff with a good group of players and there should be high expectations, but we still have work to do."

Jon Gruden On the Defensive Play:
"Anytime you can take away the big plays from (Randy) Moss that helps. But we still allowed too many big plays which is uncharacteristic of our defense."

Jon Gruden On Going into a Bye Week with a Win:
"A lot of people are very conscience of what you do after the bye. But there are distractions for some of the guys coming off a bye with a loss. I think it's important for any great fighter, world champion, to do a really great job in the middle rounds and we expressed that real hard this week."

Jon Gruden On Analyzing Statistics:
"Minnesota's defense was great last week against Chicago. Too many people are enamored with statistics. It's just a piece of paper that is totally irrelative. This is a hard way to make a living, it's hard to make yards, hard to stop people, hard to make kicks and hard to perform. I don't know where all these stats crept into the world, but I could give a hoot about them other then wins."

Brad Johnson On the Team's Performance:
"This was a big day for us obviously. We have struggled a bit. We have been playing some good defense the last seven or eight weeks of the season. I don't think we have had a cupcake all season long. Today we ran the ball when we had to, obviously with Stecker's 59-yard run. We made some good drives, but the biggest thing was being able to score off a turnover."

Brad Johnson On the Offensive Line's Performance:
"It was great to see with the broken ribs. I really didn't get hit all day. Those guys dominated up front. It was great to see those guys play the way they did."

Brad Johnson On his Numerous Attempts to Keyshawn Johnson:
"Karl Williams' catch off the first drive kind of set the tone for the game. They came out and played the bump-and-run a lot and we knew it was going to be a big day for Keyshawn."

Brad Johnson On the Condition of His Ribs:
I was more worried about a virus I had. I had a good practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, (I) felt very sharp and didn't want to get hit and the offensive line did a tremendous job at that. We play Carolina in two weeks and I should be good for that."

Brad Johnson On Winning Against His Old Team:
"I spent seven years at Minnesota and it is a very special place for me. They had me when I had a lot of hay in my hair. This day came at a great time for us. Some of my greatest wins have come when I didn't throw a touchdown pass. I am more concerned with getting the win and I am excited for those guys in the locker room."

Brad Johnson On Keeping the Game Ball:
"It was the 100th touchdown pass. The first came with Chris Carter, the 100th with Karl Williams, I don't keep too many balls, but that one is going on my mantel."

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