Did the Bucs give Ryan a look on Tuesday

A big pro day took place at Boston College on Tuesday, as QB Matt Ryan worked out. Could the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been scouting Ryan? Find out which Bucs scouts were there and what other players may have been on their radar in this article.

Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan worked out for scouts from just about every team on Tuesday, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But it's doubtful the Bucs would be interested in Ryan, right?

Think again. Even though the Saints have the No. 20 overall pick and Ryan isn't expected to slip past the No. 5 pick, Bucs Northeast scout Frank Dorazio was in attendance for Tuesday's workout.

Ryan was the big ticket item on Tuesday, as he went through all the drills that he didn't go through at the Scouting Combine last month (he just ran the 40-yard dash in Indianapolis).

While Dorazio didn't speak, the Boston Globe did speak to Kansas City head coach Herm Edwards, who leads a team that could be in need of a franchise quarterback.

"I thought he pressed a couple times, trying to throw the ball a little too hard," Edwards said. "That's generally what happens with quarterbacks, when you get the media there. It used to be 10-15 years ago, the workouts, five people were there. Now, depending who you are, what school you're at, and where people slate you being drafted, it becomes this. Which is kind of good, because it puts a lot of pressure on the kids, and the game everyone plays, there is going to be pressure on them. You look at that, and also understand that they're going to press some. He pressed some throws, but the thing this guy has is his ability to win. That's the thing you like about quarterbacks — some guys win, some guys don't. You can look at all the stats, arm strength, you can look at all the different things, but at the end, can he win games? This guy has done that."

Ryan threw 52 passes against no defense and talked about his performance afterward with the Globe.

"I thought I showed that I could make every throw you need to make in the NFL," Ryan said. "We went through the entire route tree and showed that I could throw on the run. Again, it's all stuff they can see on tape and I just wanted to show what I could do in person."

Two other players the Bucs might have interest in were also working out — offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus and cornerback DeJuan Tribble. The Bucs are in serious need of young cornerbacks, and Tribble could be a third or fourth-round prospect. Cherilus is projected as a right tackle or guard in the NFL and could be had in the second or third round.

Matthew Postins covers the Saints for Bucsblitz.com. He is an award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers Association.

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