Buccaneers Mailbag — April 14

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are closing in on draft day and Bucsblitz.com's Matthew Postins took time out to answer message board posts and chime in on other users' mock drafts. Does he agree with your mock draft? Find out that and more inside.

Matthew Postins of Bucsblitz.com has released his third Buccaneers Mock Draft of 2008. How did he shake things up this time around? Find out by clicking here.

We will be drafting a QB. With the lack of a contract extension for Jeff Garcia it seems the Bucs will definitely pick a QB. — Riverbiatch

Matthew Postins: I disagree. Even though Garcia's contract ends after the 2008 season, Brian Griese's does not end until 2010. He's their quarterback of the immediate future. As for the long-range future, this just isn't a good draft for quarterbacks in my opinion and the Bucs may be better off waiting until 2009 to tap their quarterback of the future, giving that passer two years to work under Griese. The Bucs can address other needs. In fact, they need to address other needs to upgrade the talent around Garcia and Griese.

Here's my four-round mock draft — 1. Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan St. — He competes for a starting spot and should do some damage early on; 2. Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware — The franchise QB we build around; 3. Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa — Let's just say the last Iowa DB that was drafted panned out to win DPOTY award in Bob Sanders; 4. Lionel Dotson, DT, Arizona — Sleeper pick! Guy was making plays in the Shrine game, in the backfield, and all over. His performance was very similar to Clifton Ryan, another late round gem taken last yr by the Rams. — grudenmuststay

Matthew Postins: I like the Thomas selection, even though I worry that he has just one year as a starter in college football. I don't think Flacco is the right fit for the Bucs' offensive scheme and don't see him projecting as anything more than a low-end NFL starter (you can tell I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid on this one). I have no problem with Godfrey in the third round. Solid selection. As for Dotson, he's drawing comparisons to Jovan Haye, so you have to like that. Some mocks have him being taken in the late fifth, so you could wait a round and address another need, say tight end.

My new iron clad, lock, unabridged version of the Buccaneers 5-Round Draft. — Round 1, WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma; Round 2, RB Ray Rice, Rutgers; Round 3, DT Carlton Powell Jr., Virginia Tech; Round 4, CB Charles Godfrey, Iowa; Round 5, WR/KR Dexter Jackson, Appalachian St. — Chirobull

Matthew Postins: Kelly is not worth a first-round selection, and I felt that way before his blow-up last week in Oklahoma. Now, you have to worry about his character, too, and the Bucs will take note. There are better receivers you could take with that selection. Taking Rice in the second round is not a good choice, especially when you have two backs just like him on the roster. You could take Jamaal Charles or Matt Forte there instead. Powell is a good choice in the third round. I really like your selection of Jackson in the fifth. He can work in the slot and help as a kickoff and punt returner, and the Bucs really need someone to challenge Micheal Spurlock.

Let's see...here's what I think will happen in the draft: 1. Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida; 2. Dre Moore, DT, Maryland; 3. Donnie Avery, WR, Houston; 4. Xavier Adibi, LB, Virginia Tech. — Dodonnell

Matthew Postins: If this is how the draft goes for Tampa Bay you'll get little argument from me. I think Jenkins is going to be a NFL stud and will be a great addition to the Cover 2. Moore is a talent you're not hearing enough about. He can really stuff the run and the Bucs need that. Avery is ultra-quick, productive and has good hands. He can stretch defenses immediately and benefit from working with Joey Galloway. I don't think Adibi will last into the fourth round, but if he does the Bucs should pounce. I talked to his agent in January and the Bucs were already interested, calling him a "Derrick Brooks clone." Adibi is up to 230 pounds, so his weight concerns are gone.

Here are Tampa Bay's selections in the Scout.com Intersite Mock Draft: 1. Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State; 2. Jamaal Charles, Texas; 3. Charles Godfrey, CB Iowa (which cost a 5th round pick also); 4. Geno Hayes, LB, Florida State – Woof69 was the Bucs GM for this draft.

Matthew Postins: Again, this is a pretty solid draft. Thomas and Charles address the offensive issues, while Godfrey and Hayes address the defensive ones. Hayes has a relationship with Derrick Brooks already, so he'll definitely listen to the vet. The one thing I don't like is that you traded the fifth-round pick and failed to address the issue at defensive tackle, where the Bucs really need a run-stuffer. The Bucs did not acquire one in free agency, so you're counting on Jovan Haye getting better at that in 2008. If he doesn't, that's going to hurt the defense overall.

Do the Bucs go WR or CB in Round 1. They could go either or, meaning either a CB in round 1 and a WR in round two, or vice-versa. — Chiro Bull

Matthew Postins: If you're going to draft solely on need, that's a solid plan, I think. It's the one I've adopted in all three of my mock drafts. I'm of the mind that the Bucs should address cornerback first because the talent at the top end at cornerback is better than the talent at the top end at wide receiver. Now, this doesn't take into account how the Bucs rank all of their "Hot List" players, which is the list they'll go by on draft day. A player they value higher than a corner or a wide receiver could become available, and if so, the Bucs could surprise us, as they did in 2006 when they took Davin Joseph in the first round.

The Cowboys have a RFA in Marion Barber. They are making a lot of "noise" about getting Darren McFadden. Barber, in the meantime is still "free." Would it behoove the BUCS to offer something to woo Barber away from the Cowboys since that organization hasn't resigned him as yet? Worse, in one aspect, they are making quite a bit of racket to see if they can get McFadden, another talented RB. So, then, it might be easy to pick Barber up ... possibly ....... maybe? Another thought as I was looking over the list of free agents and draftees. — Bucsfan77

Matthew Postins: The Cowboys offered Barber the highest possible tender ($2.5 million), which means any team would have to not only better the offer but give up a first- and third-round pick to the Cowboys if they don't match. That's an awful lot to give to Marion Barber, a back that I personally like but has never shouldered a full load since high school. Besides, the Cowboys like Barber too much to let him get away. The window to offer Barber a deal is closing fast (April 18), so don't expect any movement here, especially from the Bucs who need their draft picks. The Cowboys will keep Barber and likely sign him to an extension midway through the 2008 season after Barber proves he can shoulder the full load. As for McFadden, those rumors have cooled. This draft is plenty deep in running backs and the Cowboys could wait to get Jamaal Charles in the second round.

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Bucsblitz.com has confirmed that a Tampa-area collegiate product will visit the Buccaneers on Thursday. This former Jefferson High wide receiver is being projected as a second-round pick. Find out who he is and what other wide receiver have visited with the Bucs so far.

I got the chance to speak to Virginia Tech offensive tackle Duane Brown yesterday about his five-hour meeting with the Bucs. He talked about who he met, his conversation with offensive line coach Bill Muir and his thoughts on how he might fit into Tampa Bay's system. He's a second-round pick in this draft, according to most scouts, and he could be of help to the Bucs as depth at guard and tackle. We're the only Bucs media outlet that has spoken to Brown, to my knowledge, and you can read the story by clicking right here.

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Matthew Postins covers the Buccaneers for BucsBlitz.com and the Charlotte Sun-Herald in Port Charlotte, Fla. An award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers Association, he appears frequently on Scot Brantley Show from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on WHBO 1470-AM in Tampa-Clearwater.

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