Buccaneers Q&A: Aqib Talib

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Kansas CB Aqib Talib on Saturday in the first round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Talib? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know Tampa Bay's newest cornerback.

What teams have you talked to?

Aqib Talib: I talked to the Patriots. It was just a good conversation. I felt it went pretty good. We talked about football, my history, family background, a lot of stuff.

How would you fit in with the Patriots?

Aqib Talib: I feel I'd be a pretty good fit wherever I get picked.

What do you bring to a team?

Aqib Talib: My ball skills … when the ball is in the air, I find a way to get it. I can play man coverage, I'm a pretty good tackler.

How do you stack up with the other corners here?

Aqib Talib: I thought I was going to be one of the bigger corners, but it's a pretty big group.

Any corner you try to emulate?

Aqib Talib: I'm a big Deion Sanders fan. I aways want to be the shutdown corner, the Prime Time of my team. I come up and tackle.

On his ability to make interceptions (he had 13 in three years at Kansas)

Aqib Talib: They want interceptions at corner. If you have good hands, it shows you can make plays on defense. It matters a great deal.

How did you go from Richardson, Texas to the University of Kansas?

Aqib Talib: Coach (Mark) Mangino made the trip to Texas and came off as a good person. I liked him better than most coaches I met. And they had six seniors on the depth chart. It was a quick chance to get on the field.

Why did you come out as a junior?

Aqib Talib: It was set up too nice for me not to come out. MVP of the Orange Bowl …"

Talk about your ability on offense? (He caught nine passes — including five for touchdowns — during the past two seasons)

Aqib Talib: I want to do everything (in the NFL). I want to do whatever a coach asks me to do. I'd love to play receiver in the NFL. I returned punts, too, in the last half of the Missouri game and against Virginia Tech (in the Orange Bowl). I'd love to return punts in the NFL. I didn't have a chance to do it at Kansas, we always had someone who was real good at it but didn't have do anything else."

Do you think you should be the first corner taken?

Aqib Talib: Of course, that's my plan. That's my plan when I come to the combine, to be the first to be drafted."

On how his 12-1 team helped turn Kansas into as much a football school as it is a basketball school

Aqib Talib: It was Coach Mangino. He didn't want to hear about a basketball school. He won wherever he went. He found what was lacking as a team and in the off-season he helped us improve in those areas. It's not going to be known just as a basketball school anymore. It's going to be both.

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