Bucs Q&A: Dexter Jackson

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Appalachian State WR/KR Dexter Jackson on Saturday in the second round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Jackson? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know Tampa Bay's newest wide receiver.

What are you hoping to run?

Dexter Jackson: I'm hoping to run somewhere between 4.28 and 4.33.

Who has shown the most interest in you so far?

Dexter Jackson: The Rams, the Raiders, the Patriots.

What was it like being on the cover of Sports Illustrated after beating Michigan?

Dexter Jackson: It's a thrill. It was big for the school and big for marketing me for a player as well.

How does your return ability help you?

Dexter Jackson: It's real big for me being 5-9 and just being able to be fast and make people miss, and make them pay and take it to the house.

Talk about what former NFL head coach Dick Vermeil told you at the Shrine Game?

Dexter Jackson: Coach Vermeil personally told me he likes receivers my size who can run.

How was your experience at the Senior Bowl?

Dexter Jackson: It felt good for me. I wish I could've come in Sunday with the other guys, but I knew by coming in late, I had to make an impact.

Are there players you try to emulate?

Dexter Jackson: Santana Moss and Steve Smith.

Are there any teams you'll be talking to personally on Saturday?

Dexter Jackson: I will talk to the Patriots personally on Saturday.

What are some of the questions they have asked you?

Dexter Jackson: My family, the offense we ran, what I do in my free time, the friends I hang out with.

Talk about running track at Appalachian State?

Dexter Jackson: I just ran first time in life in April. I kind of wish I would have ran right when I went to school, maybe even high school.

Where do you think you fit into an offense?

Dexter Jackson: A lot of teams said were looking at special teams guys and receiver position. I want to be able to fit in and be like a third- or fourth-round guy at a receiver position, but being able to return the ball moves me up higher.

Is there a niche for the slot receiver now in the NFL?

Dexter Jackson: I really do especially in this year's draft. In the slot, you've got more mismatches on safeties who really cant run that fast on smaller receivers who are faster.

Is that what happened with all those long catches?

Dexter Jackson: Yes, a lot of times they were mismatches and pick routes to get me open, get free and get open.

So being in the slot helps you?

Dexter Jackson: I feel like it helps me a lot. A lot of time the sideline helps the corner as a defender to knock me out of bounds so I cant run my route. Inside, I have more room. My greatest strength is my speed and route running. Biggest area work on is focusing on the ball and catching it, taking care of it.

Talk about winning three straight national titles?

Dexter Jackson: It's been great coming from a small school and having exposure. We get a lot more respect now because not only have we dominated our division, but we beat Michigan.

What was bigger? Beating Michigan or beating Delaware?

Dexter Jackson: A lot of people said if you'd beaten Michigan and not beaten Delaware, how would you feel, I said I'd rather beat Delaware because that's in our division and that's important to us.

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