Bucs Draft Day Q&A: Aqib Talib

Aqib Talib is the future of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' secondary. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Bucs and how does he perceive his role in Tampa Bay? Find out in this exclusive Draft Day Q&A and find out before anyone else.

On the expectations the Buccaneers have for him

Aqib Talib: Whoever called my name that was the plan, to have a chance to start. I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and I plan on making an impact, coming in and working hard, and making an impact right away.

On his ability to play the cover two

Aqib Talib: We started to play a lot of cover two in my last year at Kansas. I kind of got introduced to it a lot in my junior year and I will be ready for it. Coach (Monte) Kiffin is the master at it and I think with his help and Coach Raheem [Morris'] help, I think I will be alright learning the scheme, and make a lot of plays in the cover two.

On his previous off the field issues, including positive tests for marijuana

Aqib Talib: It was a stage that when I was a young man, moving out of the house, being on your own for the first time, I went through a little stage in college. All of that stuff happened two and a half years ago. That was a stage I went through in my life, and I learned a lot from it. I am a grown man now, I have moved forward from that. It is all behind me now.

On why the Buccaneers chose him

Aqib Talib: I think defense wins championships. If you build a nice defense you have a better chance to win a championship. A player like me coming in, I make plays and I think I bring a lot to the table for the Bucs.

On if the selection was expected

Aqib Talib: It was a surprise, but at the same time I had a real good conversation with Coach Gruden when I met with Tampa Bay. I felt real good about it that if I made it down to number 20 I had a chance of going to Tampa Bay. So I felt good about it when their pick came up.

On what he and Coach Gruden discussed

Aqib Talib: He told me that I reminded him a lot of Charles Woodson. He said that if he had an opportunity to coach a player like Charles Woodson again he didn't want to pass it up. I kind of just laid it all on the line and if I get to the Bucs, I think I am going to go to the Bucs. I sat there and I told my dad that, and it played out and it happened.

On his personality and how it translates onto the field

Aqib Talib: I think every cornerback has to play with swagger. You can ask that to any cornerback in the league and he will tell you that he plays with a lot of confidence because it comes with the position. Playing cornerback you have to have a lot of confidence.

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