Bucs Draft Day Q&A: Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson is expected to challenge immediately for special teams duty for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Bucs and how does he perceive his role in Tampa Bay? Find out in this exclusive Draft Day Q&A and find out before anyone else.

On becoming a Buccaneer

Dexter Jackson: I walked outside and had a gut feeling because I saw nine receivers off the board and four slot receivers. I know that when I came down for my visit to Tampa, Jon Gruden told me that they were looking for a speed receiver to really give them a deep threat guy in the slot receiver because Joey Galloway was aging. Coach got me on the phone and said Dex, would you like to be a Buccaneer? I was like coach, I would love to, I was very overwhelmed, and this is just a blessing.

On his role with the team as a rookie

Dexter Jackson: He (Gruden) was joking with me and said, ‘Now don't get scared now returning and catching balls in the NFL' and I said, ‘Oh no, coach, I gotcha. I won't have you regret this one.'

On how players like Wes Welker have paved the way for players like Jackson to play in the NFL

Dexter Jackson: I think it's done numerous things to help my stock. I just feel like the mismatches it causes by making teams draft nickels and fast corners to guard us in the slot. With my size, I may not be the tallest guy but I feel like my work ethic and my speed can cause some problems for the defense.

On when he thought he would be drafted

Dexter Jackson: Before the season I was already thinking free agent. I feel like the Michigan game really helped me. Basically after the combine my agent was telling me late third, maybe early three, or late four. After my pro day, with the question of me catching my passes, there were 15 or 20 scouts there, and I caught all my passes and ran good routes so I answered that question. After that it was boosted up to late second or top three.

On his thoughts about no receivers being drafted in the first round

Dexter Jackson: I started to worry a lot. My agent told me that I was the 10th best receiver on most peoples board so if eight or nine go then maybe. I was like there is no way they can take nine to 10 receivers in one round. That was just my observation of the whole thing. It is just crazy how it all worked out for me.

On whether he knew he shared the same name as Tampa Bay's Super Bowl XXVII MVP Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson: Yeah, that's crazy now that I think about it. You're the only one to mention it to me.

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