Bucs Draft Day Q&A: Jeremy Zuttah

Jeremy Zuttah is expected to be used as depth on the offensive line for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Bucs and how does he perceive his role in Tampa Bay? Find out in this exclusive Draft Day Q&A and find out before anyone else.

On becoming a Buccaneer

Jeremy Zuttah: I knew they were interested, we tried to get a workout set up but because of a few things they had to cancel at the last second. They said they were still very interested and they liked me as a player, so I knew it was a possibility.

On his expectations of what position he is likely to play

Jeremy Zuttah: I think I will probably be an inside. They have a lot of young linemen, a lot of people playing a lot of different positions. I think one of the things they liked about me was my versatility, so nothing is set in stone. I think right now it is likely I will be inside.

On his position preference

Jeremy Zuttah: I don't see myself fitting into any particular mode. Whatever will get me on the field fastest I will do, and whatever is best for the team, is what I will play. At Rutgers, there were a couple of years where we just would find the best four other offensive linemen and I would plug myself into the last spot, whichever spot was open. Whatever is best for the team, I am willing to do.

On his type of play

Jeremy Zuttah: I am physical, with offensive linemen you are not going to find too many guys who describe themselves as finesse guys. I am very athletic but I think when it gets down to it, I like to be a very physical, in your face player.

On if he considers himself a run blocker or pass blocker

Jeremy Zuttah: We ran the ball a lot but our offense was very balanced. Ray [Rice] had 2,000 yards running but we also had two 1,000-yard receivers, so obviously it was very balanced. We took pride in doing both things. We were second in the nation in [fewest] sacks [allowed] this year and first last year, so I think I am prepared to go to the next level.

On his knowledge about Tampa's current offensive line situation

Jeremy Zuttah: I just got off the phone with Coach Gruden and Coach Muir, the offensive line coach, and they told me about the fact that they have a very young offensive line right now. A lot of guys that are familiar to me from the college football ranks, guys like Arron Sears and Jeff Faine. It is good to have everybody young and everybody on the same page. We will grow up together and mature together in the league, and hopefully come together as a solid unit.

On his timetable of when he thinks he will play

Jeremy Zuttah: I hope as soon as possible. From my combine numbers, I am very physically mature, even though I am only 21 years old. I am strong, I am fast, I think I am physically ready, it just a matter of how fast I can learn the system. That is also one of my strengths, is my intelligence, so I think I can learn it relatively quickly. I guess getting used to the speed of the game is going to be different, too.

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