Bucs Q&A: Dre Moore

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Maryland DT Dre Moore on Sunday in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Want to get to know Moore? Here's an interview he gave to the media at the scouting combine in February so you can get to know Tampa Bay's newest defensive lineman.

Now much have Shawne Merriman and D'Quell Jackson helped you out?

Dre Moore: Shawne and D Quell Jackson and Randy Starks, they saw that potential in me, my freshman year. I was kind of a knucklehead. They showed me some things. I always admired Shawne for his passion, how fiery he is in everything he does. He's such a competitor. I went at it with him the most in the weight room on testing days. He's really strong. We went at it back and forth. They just showed me how to work, taught me that it can happen, that dreams can come true that you can come out of Maryland, you can be drafted and have a career. While they were there, they just took me under their wing and kind of led me around and showed me the way. D'Quell comes back and works out with me occasionally. Shawne told me that I could do it, the biggest thing is don't be afraid to do that extra work watching film, and make that transition.''

What defense did you play primarily?

Dre Moore: It's a base 4-3, we flex back and forth depending on formation by the offense or yardage, we flex back and forth. If we were a 4-3 front, I was a three technique, if we were in a three-man front, I was two-gapping it head up on the tackle.

You intercepted Matt Ryan -- talk about that as a highlight of your career?

Dre Moore: We were in a 4-3 front, we audibled and we checked into a blitz and on that particular blitz, I had to drop into coverage, I had to cross between the cutters. I got lucky. He looked right at me before he threw. I didn't think he was going to throw it.'

Get hiim to autograph that ball?

Dre Moore: They took it from me. They had to chase me down on the sideline, but they got it. I got about 12-15 yards on the return but one of my teammates got blocked into me.''

How fast will you run?

Dre Moore: Sub-5.0

What do you have to work on to improve at the next level?

Dre Moore: I think hand fighting, shedding blocks. I'm a bigger, stronger guy so naturally I lean toward the bull rush in one on one situations. I predicate all my pass rush moves off the bull rush initially and I think I kind of tie myself up at times with offensive linemen.'

Is that a matter of playing too high?

Dre Moore: I have to get better at stopping and getting off of the blocks, because I was holding too long and giving them a chance to ge their hands on me. I have to get off it quicker.'

What teams have you met with?

Dre Moore: The Vikings, the Browns, the Falcons, the Steelers, the Texans, the Rams.''

Are you comfortable pass rushing off the edge?

Dre Moore: It was different at first. I had a two-way go, it made it a little easier because I could go either way.

Do you feel you're ready to start right away?

Dre Moore: Definitely. I did my part with the extra work off the field, the extra studying in the film room, and the extra time in the weight room and the running just to kind of eliminate that curve and step up. I definitely think I'm ready to contribute to a team right away.''

Where are you from and is there anything in background that shaped you?

Dre Moore: Charlotte, N.C. I'm definitely an image of my father, Melvin Moore. A hard-working, blue-collar guy who worked at UPS. He's very consistent. That's where I got that never-say die attitude. My senior year was my only year of varsity. He challenged me to learn the game and that was my motivation and support system.'''

Who was your guy growing up?

Dre Moore: "Reggie White. He didn't have too bad a career. I wear his number 92.''

You're one of the better run stuffers in the class?

Dre Moore: It takes a hard-nosed toughness, because basically stopping the run is beating the repeated double teams, you have to welcome the double teams and not shy away.'

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