Bucs Draft Day Q&A: Dre Moore

Dre Moore is expected to be used as depth on the defensive line for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Bucs and how does he perceive his role in Tampa Bay? Find out in this exclusive Draft Day Q&A and find out before anyone else.

On having such a big senior year

Dre Moore: I think it was the culmination of all the hard work. I really have only been playing for four or five years, going into my senior year, and everything just came together. Now I am a Buc.

On being drafted in the fourth round of the draft

Dre Moore: I was a little surprised but I am glad I ended up in Tampa Bay, with Coach Kiffin and Coach Gruden. By the end of my rookie year 31 teams will be shaking their head.

On the notion that he takes plays off

Dre Moore: I think when people say that they don't really understand the kind schemes of defenses that we play, and the kind of defenses that we played at Maryland. I spent a lot of time dropping into coverage, so I had interceptions and batted down passes. A lot of times I was used in different ways, for example, our two [defensive] tackles we were used a lot in spy techniques to offset the option attack from a lot of the teams we saw in the ACC. I think a lot of times people say that they don't really understand the play that was being called, what I was actually doing on that play.

On how his football career got started

Dre Moore: I was into basketball; I played a lot during high school. Then my junior year, the head coach asked me to come out for football, and I did. I played JV my junior year, and got promoted to varsity my senior year. I went to Maryland and struggled a little bit early on, trying to keep up with learning the game and trying to play well at a division I level. Towards my later years, my junior and senior years, I think I was very successful and I had pretty good campaigns each year, so I think I jut got better with time.

On his preferences between the two defensive tackle positions

Dre Moore:I don't really have a preference because looking at Tampa's defense; I think I will probably spend equal time at both. Depending on what set the offense comes out in, what hash the ball is on, and the strength of the formation, I think I will spend equal time at both.

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