Steuber analyzes the Buccaneers' draft's Matthew Postins had the opportunity to speak to draft expert Chris Steuber right after the NFL Draft about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and how they did on draft week. What does Chris think about selections like Aqib Talib, Dexter Jackson and Dre Moore? Find out in this exclusive article.

Matthew Postins: What do you think of the Bucs taking Aqib Talib over Mike Jenkins in the first round on Saturday? Many Bucs fans were up in arms over the selection, believing Jenkins would have been a better fit. From an insider's perspective, why take Talib?

Chris Steuber: I think Talib was a steal at No. 20 and he fits the Buccaneers defense very well. Talib's biggest strength is his ability to anticipate the action and use his ballhawk skills to turn defense into offense. The Bucs defensive scheme allows Talib to play off of receivers and use his ability to read the quarterback. I think Jenkins was the most polished cover corner in the draft, but he doesn't have the same ball skills Talib possesses. Talib will be an instant playmaker for Tampa.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs met with Dexter Jackson and liked him, but even I was surprised that they took Jackson in the second round, even though the Bucs have a history of taking a player regardless of what draft pundits think of the value. Was Jackson taken too high given what receivers were on the board?

Chris Steuber: I think when the Bucs saw DeSean Jackson go off the board, the next guy they wanted was Dexter Jackson. The two Jacksons have similar skills, but DeSean is the more accomplished receiver. Dexter has the ability to be a tremendous slot receiver, as he runs precise routes and has sure hands. He also gives the Bucs an instant return specialist that the opposition will have to game plan for each week. Jackson's stock has been on the rise the entire offseason, so I can't say I was surprised to see him go off the board in the second round. But when he was drafted, I will admit that I thought it was a bit of a reach, but I understood the selection because of what he brings to the field.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs selected Jeremy Zuttah in the third round for what they believe is his versatility. Then, head coach Jon Gruden alluded to the fact that, one day, the Bucs could move Jeremy Trueblood to left tackle, which would see to put Zuttah in line to move to right tackle. Given that tidbit, do you think there's a chance that could happen and what do you think about Zuttah's NFL future?

Chris Steuber: Zuttah provides the Bucs with a lot of options. He can play all five positions on the O-Line, but I feel his best position is at guard or center. He can play tackle, because he moves well and uses his hands effectively, but he has to add more size. I think Zuttah will be a valuable lineman for the Buccaneers and has the ability to become an All Pro.

Matthew Postins: Dre Moore of Maryland is a player I met at the scouting combine and liked. It seems the Bucs see him as guy that can get penetration inside, which the Bucs need. Where do you think Moore can fit into this defense and is he the steal that some pundits say he is?

Chris Steuber: As a fourth round pick, Moore was definitely a steal. He's a tough interior lineman who gets off the line quickly and uses his strength to his advantage. I think he will have the opportunity to compete for playing time this year and will be used in certain situations.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs took a quarterback. Big shock. But it was Josh Johnson, the San Diego QB the Bucs worked out in March. What intangibles can he bring to the position and what do you think of his long-term future? Is he the guy that can eventually succeed both Jeff Garcia and Brian Griese?

Chris Steuber: Johnson is a developmental QB with a lot of skills and promise. He has a strong, accurate arm and locates his receivers quickly. He has to work on his mechanics, and that will come with coaching, but everything is in place for him to be successful. Johnson is still two or three years away from even being considered to be a starting QB, but if he develops faster than anticipated, he may get a call sooner than expected.

Matthew Postins: Geno Hayes took some character hits during his time at Florida State. But what about his on-the-field ability? At age 20, how much growing up does Hayes have to do and do you see him more as a middle linebacker or a weak side linebacker in the Tampa 2?

Chris Steuber: Hayes is a tremendous athlete. He has some character concerns, and that's a part of the reason why he fell to the sixth round, but nobody can knock his talent. I think he's best suited as a weakside linebacker, but he's played all three positions in college. I think playing in the Tampa 2 will allow Hayes to roam and make plays. He's a solid tackler and has good ball skills, but he has to do a better job in coverage.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs were expected to take a running back, but they waited until the seventh round to take South Carolina's Cory Boyd. Compare the selection to what the Bucs could have taken in the middle rounds. Were they best served by that selection?

Chris Steuber: I can't really fault what the Bucs did in the previous rounds leading up to this selection. I think they had a good draft and identified some good athletes who have a chance to make an impact on their team. The selection of Boyd is an interesting one. He's a 6-foot-1, 213 pound north/south runner who possesses sure hands out of the backfield. I think he has the opportunity to develop into a quality No. 2 RB and will be a nice situational option for Tampa.

Matthew Postins: Finally, Chris, what did you think about Tampa Bay's draft overall? Give it a letter grade.

Chris Steuber: I'll give the Buccaneers a B+.

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