Caplan takes on tough Bucs questions

Want to know how close the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got to dealing for Jason Taylor and Lito Sheppard on draft day? Can the Bucs still get a deal done? asked's Senior NFL reporter, Adam Caplan, for his analysis of the siuation. Get this insider's take on the Bucs right there.

Matthew Postins First of all, tell me if you know how close the Buccaneers came from acquiring Jason Taylor? When I talked to you Saturday about the rumored deal you hadn't heard a thing. Anything new you've heard now?

Adam Caplan: They weren't very close. They tried harder for Lito Sheppard.

Matthew Postins Next, Lito Sheppard never moved, not to New Orleans or Tampa Bay. From what you heard, was it close to happening with either team? What did the Bucs offer? We heard it was just a second rounder?

Adam Caplan: As of late last week, a league source noted Tampa Bay wasn't going to up their offer for Sheppard and that the chances in acquiring him were diminished.

Matthew Postins Are the Bucs a team that can still execute a trade and get a talented vet that can make an impact this season (Taylor, Sheppard, Chad Johnson). What happens to the price on these veterans now that the draft is over? Does it go up or down, in your opinion?

Adam Caplan: It should go down unless there's an injury to a starter which would force a team to deal for one of those players. But the sense of urgency is usually around the draft so it's unlikely any of them get moved.

Matthew Postins Looking at their draft, how would you grade it?

Adam Caplan: I don't grade drafts for at least three years. But just looking at it overall, just based on value, Aqib Talib is a solid selection. He'll eventually start down the road if he stays out of trouble. There were a bunch of teams that eyed (Dexter) Jackson in the second round so he's a solid pick as well.

Matthew Postins When you combine free agency with their draft, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much have the Bucs helped themselves so far?

Adam Caplan: I would say 6.5. The quarterback position remains a major issue. They still could use at least one more pass rusher as well.

Matthew Postins Finally, with the roster limit at 80 players, how will that affect how players manage their rosters from now until the draft? Will they sign fewer UFAs? Will they release players earlier than usual as training camp approaches?

Adam Caplan: Doesn't really matter. Teams often will sign to the limit just to have enough players to be at minicamps etc. They'll cut the players they don't think are worth bringing to training camp.

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