Where could Chris Simms go?

Trading Chris Simms might be a pipe dream for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but if they are able to deal Simms, there are some teams that make sense. Scout.com's Senior NFL Reporter Adam Caplan and Matthew Postins sound off on who those teams could be in this premium article you can't find anywhere else.

Adam Caplan made it clear that few teams will be interested in Chris Simms right now when it comes to a trade.

"There are hardly any teams that need a veteran since most teams filled that need earlier in free agency," Caplan said.

But Caplan, like myself, doesn't have a crystal ball and we can't see injuries during preseason. Perhaps by mid-August there will be a market for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to trade Chris Simms — if Simms even makes it to training camp.

So who could it be? Caplan identified two NFC teams that might have an interest if their quarterback situations go south:

CHICAGO BEARS: "The top two quarterbacks they have are Rex Grossman, who is signed just for this season and Kyle Orton," Caplan said. "So they might be looking for a younger veteran who could compete for playing time."

I would agree with Adam here. I think the fact that the Bears didn't go out and get a top veteran or draft a young quarterback to groom was a big mistake. Counting on Grossman, now without top target Bernard Berrian, could hurt them big-time. Is Simms the answer? Well, he could thrive in that offense, if the Bears identify a deep threat to replace Berrian. It also takes him out of the West Coast offense, where I think Simms is a mismatch.

GREEN BAY PACKERS: "They had Daunte Culpepper in for a visit but declined to sign him," Caplan said. "The fact that Green Bay runs a West Coast offense at least matches up Simms with their scheme. But the indication was that they planned to have rookie QB Brian Brohm back up Aaron Rodgers this season."

I don't agree with Adam. I think Simms' arm strength and accuracy downfield make him a better match for a vertical offense, not the West Coast. I think Simms should seek to stay away from those teams if possible.

Who else is out there? After Adam gave me his two teams, I sought to find a few teams in the AFC that might be a good fit for Simms.

CINCINNATI BENGALS: Aside from Carson Palmer, what do the Bengals really have? Jordan Palmer? Ryan Fitzpatrick? Doug Johnson? A healthy Simms could outthrow all of them and keep that offense humming downfield if Carson ever gets hurt.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Another team with just two quarterbacks, David Garrard and Cleo Lemon. Simms could easily be added to the mix and provide some downfield pop with the Jags' re-made receiving corps.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: This makes a lot of sense. The Chiefs have Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard, use a run-based offense that relies on play action and have receivers that can stretch defenses. Neither Croyle nor Huard have Simms' arm strength and accuracy downfield, either. Plus, after fleecing the Bucs in the Michael Bennett and Ryan Sims trades, the Chiefs owe the Bucs, you know?

That's just our two cents. What do you think? Start a thread on the Bucsblitz.com message board and discuss the issue with fellow Bucs fans.

Matthew Postins covers the Buccaneers for BucsBlitz.com and the Charlotte Sun-Herald in Port Charlotte, Fla. He is an award-winning member of the Pro Football Writers Association.

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