Bucs Post-Game Quotes

November 17 - Read what the Tampa Bay players and head coach Jon Gruden had to say about the Buccaneers' huge 23-10 win over the Carolina Panthers at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday.

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on Tampa Bay's 23-10 win over Carolina:
"We're really happy to have won this game. I have to tip my hat to Carolina. They're a very physical team."

Gruden on his team tying Green Bay for best record in the NFL (8-2):
"It feels good. But, at the same time, we've got a lot of work to do. I'm very proud of our team. We've hung in there and won some games. Granted, some of them aren't the most beautiful things, but there are a lot of ways to win in the NFL. We're looking forward to the next six games."

Gruden on turnovers and the wind playing a factor in Sunday's contest:
"It was not only the turnovers, but the wind was indeed a factor, especially going toward our pirate ship. I could tell throwing the football at times that the side wind had an effect on throwing the ball."

Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson on Tampa Bay improving to 8-2 on the season:
"We started slow (today), but finished strong, and now it feels good to be 8-2. We have a tough game next week, so we have to change our focus to Green Bay and get ready to play them."

Tampa Bay DE Simeon Rice on his team's play this season:
"I think we're playing classic right now. Things are just happening well right now, and our offense is putting up points. We are all playing together as a cohesive unit. We have a lot of guys that can really play this game at a high level. And, it is really showing itself, and, hopefully, we will keep feeding on it."

Tampa Bay SS John Lynch on Carolina's first drive of the game that eventually led to a touchdown:
"They made some nice runs and Lamar (Smith) broke some nice tackles. The touchdown pass from Rodney (Peete), I thought I was in perfect position. That play just made me sick. He put the ball up and I thought I had a pick. I just have to make a better play on the ball. The wind took the ball and I thought I had the pick, but the next thing you know the guy scores a touchdown. But I like the resolve of our defense. We didn't start bickering at each other. We just kept together and we said let's play from here on out."

Bucs CB Dwight Smith on Tampa Bay improving to 8-2 on Sunday with a huge win over the Panthers:
"It feels good to come back and have a strong showing and now get ready for Brett Favre and Green Bay. I never have been 8-2 in my whole life, so it feels good."

Tampa Bay RB Michael Pittman on improving to 8-2 Sunday with a 23-10 win over Carolina:
"Since I've been in the league I've never been 8-2. It feels great playing for something every week. We came out and responded well after the bye week, so we're on a roll."

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