Buccaneers Preview: Defensive line

BucsBlitz.com's countdown to training camp continues, with a preview of the Buccaneers' defensive line. Each day BucsBlitz.com will break down a different position leading up to reporting day in Orlando on July 26.

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DEFENSIVE LINE: Starters -- LE Kevin Carter, DT Jovan Haye, NT Chris Hovan, RE Gaines Adams. Backups -- E Greg White, T Dre Moore, E Jimmy Wilkerson, E Marques Douglas, NT Ryan Sims, DT Greg Peterson.

Adams is now entrenched as the starter on the right side and spent most of the offseason shedding weight and gaining muscle for his second NFL season. He proved last year that he can handle being a starter, finishing with a strong second half once cracked the lineup and had six sacks. The Bucs expect more in 2008.

Carter may not be the starter for long, partly because the Bucs like White, who was a third-down pass rusher last year. White and Carter should compete for the position and will likely share time. White must prove he can play the run and isn't limited to third down. He's not happy about his contract status but there's little he can do about it. If White proves he can play three downs, Carter moves inside.

Haye and Hovan are firmly entrenched. The Bucs want to see Haye do a better job of stopping the run, but his six sacks last year at under tackle were the most by any Bucs under tackle since Warren Sapp left. The Bucs love the pressure Haye brought from inside. Hovan is reliable and strong enough to take on two linemen at a time. Give him partial credit for LB Barrett Ruud's great season a year ago. Hovan helped pave the way.

Wilkerson and Douglas are veterans that were signed for depth. Wilkerson is more of a pass rushing end, though he wasn't asked to do much of it in Kansas City. Douglas has proved he can play any position in a 4-3 or 3-4 defense. The Bucs see him as an end, but he's broad enough and strong enough to rush from inside as well.

Moore is a rookie the Bucs love. They see him as a potential tackle of the future, and his 300-plus pound size is more reminiscent of Sapp and former tackle Anthony McFarland. Moore has a ways to go, though, before he becomes a serious contributor.

An offseason of personnel changes puts Sims and Peterson squarely on the firing line. Neither did much a year ago and must prove to coaches that they deserve a spot on the team.

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