Bucs Post-Game Quotes

November 24 - Read what Tampa Bay's players and head coach Jon Gruden said about the the Bucs' 21-7 win over the Green Bay Packers.

Warren Sapp On his Altercation with Mike Sherman:
"You have to ask Mike Sherman. I don't know what was his deal. He's a lying (expletive) eating hound. If he's not a big enough man to say what he said then that's his discussion and he can carry his ass home with that loss. He's lucky I'm not 25 without kids and a conscience, it would have been ugly. He would have gotten an ass whoopen around the 30-yard line and I wouldn't have thought about it. But Steve Smith would have a lawsuit going on me, nahh I'll save my cash."

Coach Jon Gruden on the incident between Mike Sherman and Warren Sapp:
"I am very concerned about what happened and I am going to investigate it thoroughly. I don't really know what happened but I am going to find out. Until then, I really can't comment on what occurred after the game."

Joe Jurevicius On His Touchdown:
"Coach (Richard) Mann is always talking about planting the foot and dragging your back foot. If you are somewhere near the sideline, no matter what, let's do it instead of taking one step and looking down before you take your second step. I am giving all credit to Coach Mann because he is doing an unbelievable job with the receivers. We are getting better ourselves but some of the techniques he's teaching don't lie."

Brian Kelly On The Four Interceptions by Favre:
"A lot of the balls he forces downfield you can capitalize on, but that's the type of defense we play. We don't give up much up the field, if you get something on us it's a short play that might break a tackle, but you don't get a lot down field. That's when they start forcing throws and we capitalized."

Keyshawn Johnson On his Lack of Catches:
"I wasn't playing at full strength. (My) ribs are very tender. I just had one of those games where I didn't play up to my best potential tonight. It's all behind me, I'm not worried about it, I'm going to continue to go out there next week and put up a performance and play, that¹s what it's all about. If I have to make the plays for us I will."

John Lynch On Brett Favre Forcing the Ball into Coverage:
"In the first half they clearly were trying to play a field position, Ping-Pong type of game. At the end of the half I was surprised as can be when they just turned around and hand the ball off three times in a row. It felt they were happy to be up 7-0 and wanted to play this game down to the wire. It's one of our great strengths, we play torture ball for a long time around here, so we'll hang in there if you want to play that Ping-Pong. The second half when we went up by a touchdown, I think they realized they had to take some shots and when they did we cashed in upon them."

Ronde Barber On The Outstanding Play of the Defense:
"I can honestly say I have never been on a defense this good and I think I have been on some good defenses. All across the board, there's 11 guys hungry as hell to make a play. A lot of times this year it's been BK (Brian Kelly), but there's other guys in the run game. It's constant, there's no let down from us."

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