Bucs Sound Off On Falcons QB Michael Vick

December 4 – Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick has received plenty of media attention this week and the Falcons' second-year signal-caller was, of course, the topic of discussion at One Buccaneer Place on Wednesday. PewterReport.com has some the Bucs players' comments along with head coach Jon Gruden's thoughts on Atlanta's explosive quarterback.


On Michael Vick:
"He had some incredible runs on Sunday. You have to give him credit for his ability. He broke some tackles and made some plays, and you have to give him credit. The bottom line is he is doing what it takes to make plays. And obviously stopping him running is something we need to make him do and force him to throw the ball. We need to make him one-dimensional. I'm going to be myself (on Sunday). I hope they make their adjustments for me. People are trying to knock this guy and you are not going to knock this guy out."

On Bucs effectiveness against running quarterbacks:
"I think our team speed helps. Obviously we feel like we can match up with any team speed wise on any given day. Secondly, it's discipline. Discipline in our rush lanes, having discipline when reading the quarterback, and having discipline down field. Thirdly, it's tackling. Making sure that if the first guy misses, that the second guy brings him down, not letting the quarterback break two or three tackles. It seems to work, it just plays into what we are trying to do on defense."

On doing anything technically different against running quarterbacks:
"We are doing things that we had in our arsenal, except we are doing them better. A lot of guys are having chances to make plays and they are doing it, and that's why we are a lot better than we were last year."

On importance of tackling against Michael Vick:
"I think (tackling will be a major importance). The main thing is that you have to go. Don't try to break down with a guy, just go be aggressive, make him make a move against you and make sure you stick to your pursuit angles. I think a lot of film that we watched this morning was one guy trying to make a play, instead of using his teammates. And I think that's something we do well. We know how to leverage and when to leverage and I think that is one of our strengths"


Confidence of Falcons with Michael Vick in the huddle:
"I'm sure they always feel they have a chance to win, even if they are behind or what not. I'm sure they feel like they have Michael and anything can happen with him in the huddle. They also have some other real good players. They have a real good offensive line, they have Warrick (Dunn) and (T.J.) Duckett, and a lot of playmakers."

On Michael Vick:
"He is doing some special things. That run last week in overtime is one we will be seeing years from now. Most importantly for him and his team is that they are winning. He's doing it all pretty well, but I think running is his greatest asset. He has a strong arm, but I think he gets back there and if it's not wide open, he's going to put it down and run."

On Vick saying that the game against the Bucs will be the best of his career:
"That's why we play the games. We'll see. We're going to go out there on Sunday and be ready to play."

On if Vick brings a new challenge to the defense:
"I think it's enough of a challenge just to have an opportunity to play a team that has won eight straight. These games in December are all huge and that's really what our minds are on."

More on Michael Vick:
"He's a great athlete. He touches the ball every play, so every play he has a chance to do something special. I think we played him very well last time and we need to look at that tape and see how we played him. We need to learn from that. He has become a better player since that, so it should be fun."

On what makes Vick so special:
"Number one, he touches the ball every play. Unlike any other skilled position he's different because he does that. Of course he has great athleticism and he is evolving as a quarterback, he's getting better and better every down."


On what Tampa Bay's defense did in Week 5 to contain Vick:
"We got after him. That's the whole deal. We dictated to him what he was going to do, not him dictating us. I think that will be the key on Sunday. We have to dictate to him how this game is going to be played. He dictate to us when we're going to do this or when we're going to do that."


On Vick saying earlier in the week that he has "something" in store for Tampa Bay's defense:
"I'm really getting tired of talking about Michael Vick. This is a team game and we're aware of the fact that he's a great player, but I think he said that the last time and I think I have that on film. So, we expect his best stuff and hopefully we give him ours."

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