Bucs Post-Game Quotes

December 8 - Pewter Report has the comments from Tampa Bay's locker room after the Bucs defeated the Falcons on Sunday, 34-10.

Joe Jurevicius On His Outstanding Play
"That's one reason why they brought me in here, for third downs. I may not get the numbers that Keenan or Keyshawn might get, but I really think I have something to contribute here. Every opportunity I get I'm going to make the best of it."

Joe Jurevicius On His New Form of Celebrating:
"My thing is I am going to play with emotion. A lot of times you see the defense get very excited and I want to try and do that with our offense. I want to be the guy that goes out there and gets a hit or catches a pass or runs someone over for a touchdown."

John Howell On His Sack on Vick:
"You're playing on a championship team, this team's the best in the world right now. A guy like John Lynch goes down, you better play like John Lynch. That's not an easy thing to do. He's a Four-time Pro Bowler, future Hall of Famer as far as I am concerned the best thing to play the game. To go in for a guy like that you better step it up and not let your team down. I was in the huddle before that play and Warren Sapp looks at me with those big eyes and that big smile and pointed at me, I knew it was game time. I was a starter right then and there. Fortunately, it was a great call by Coach Kiffin, I just read it well and got the sack on a great quarterback."

Derrick Brooks On the Confidence of the Defense:
"We play with confidence. Not to take anything away from Atlanta, but we hit the field with a high level of confidence. We knew how important this game was to us. Our offense did a good job of containing Michael Vick, too. They kept the ball for every bit except for six or seven plays in the third quarter and limited his shots by scoring points."

Mike Alstott On the Running Game:
"This year and in the past, we have been the team that gets three or four yards here or two hard yards there you'll see as the game goes on you'll break for the 12, 20, 25-yarders. I I think that's where we are most effective, staying with it and get some consistency. It doesn't hurt our running game when Brad (Johnson) is throwing (four) touchdowns a game with 300 yards, you can't complain about that. The balance attack we had today rushing and passing for us to be successful throughout the month of December and make it to the playoffs."

Mike Alstott On the Running by Committee (not having a Featured Back):
"You talk to any running back and in different situations and, yes, (it will work), but as far as a rhythm-type of thing, and feeling out defenses, there has to be a ball carrier somewhere."

Warren Sapp On the Numerous Holds not Called Against Atlanta:
"Holds are like a walk in basketball, they can call it anytime they want but they normally don't because it slows the game up. Nobody likes to see a bunch of holding calls. The ref said it he didn't have me, but the side judge came up and told the tackle to keep his hands off me. They had a rough day, we normally play at 4 p.m., maybe they didn't get the wake up call."

Warren Sapp On Gruden's Option to "Run by Committee:
"I don't play offense, sorry. Are you going to question Jon Gruden? You have to go into his office and he's considered a genius. I definitely don't want to go in there with any questions. I just keep doing it the way we are doing it, we have 10 out of 13 wins, not a bad committee is it? They aren't always looking good, when you run for 34 yards on national TV a week ago and lose a ball game on the road. Different strokes for different folks at different times, this teams rolling right now and we can just get us three more games let's see where they seat us."

Jon Gruden On John Lynch:
"I'm very proud of our players. John Lynch got hurt early in the game. He aggravated his neck, but the x-rays are negative. I think he's going to be okay. He should be ready to go next week.

Jon Gruden On The Bucs' Rushing Offense:
"I think we had 150 yards rushing. Nobody else has had that many yards (against) their defense lately. We're proud of the balance we got today, but we are by no means there yet. We're going to continue to emphasize the running game and hopefully get ourselves into some better positions."

Jon Gruden On The Defense's Discipline:
"All the talk all week has been ‘How do you stop Michael Vick?' And we've already said time and time again we respect him immensely. But I didn't hear anybody in America say ‘How's he going to go up against this defense?' We've been playing pretty good here and like I've said, they've been disciplined all season. They're very explosive, athletic….they're playmakers. They've been very disciplined."

Jon Gruden On Brad Johnson:
"I don't know what his touchdown to interception ratio is, but it's as good as anybody I've been around. He's doing a great job. He's the strength right now of our offense. For us to be 10-3, and Brad Johnson is the No. 7 passer in the NFC- for all the stat freaks out there- so it hasn't been all negative on the offense. The season is not over yet, so it's not where you line up, it's where you wind up."

Jon Gruden On Joe Jurevicius:
"He was a big player today in this game. He made some big plays on third down and had some clutch catches for touchdowns. That was a great acquisition by the Bucs."

Jon Gruden On the Character of the Team:
"It all started with veteran leadership, which is something I'm really proud of. John Howell really came in and stepped up for John Lynch. It was a special win for our team. The fans were great today too. I want to thank our fans."

Jon Gruden On the Offensive Line:
"We did a lot of things different, we did a lot of things better. I tip my hat to Bill Muir and the offensive staff, (they) put together a good game plan. The center made some good calls in pass protection and got some good physical play from a lot of backs."

Jon Gruden On If the Play of His Defense Is Surprising:
"No, not really. I am a football fan when all is said and done. I love watching guys play and I am really excited about this defense and they know that. I kind of feed off some of the big plays that they make."

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