Bucs Win, But Lose McFarland For The Year

December 15 – Tampa Bay's 23-20 win against Detroit proved to be a costly one after the team learned that defensive tackle Anthony McFarland will miss the rest of the year with a broken foot he suffered during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game. McFarland was sidelined for four games earlier in the season with a fractured forearm and had just returned to action last Sunday against Atlanta.

Tampa Bay's 23-20 win over Detroit on Sunday was tremendous, but it didn't come without paying a price.

Buccaneers starting nose tackle Anthony McFarland, who exited Sunday's game during the fourth quarter, suffered a broken foot against the Lions and is out for the year.

"For sure, I believe Anthony McFarland is out for the year," Bucs head coach Jon Gruden said after his team's 23-20 win against the Lions. "He broke his foot and we're obviously going to miss him. He's a great player and we're going to have to step up like we did earlier in the season."

McFarland, who was sidelined for four games earlier in the season with a fractured forearm, had just returned from that injury last Sunday against Atlanta.

McFarland, also known as "Booger", had played exceptionally well when healthy and was a big reason why Bucs under tackle Warren Sapp recorded 7.5 sacks this season. Sapp did not record a sack during McFarland's four-game absence.

Both Buccaneers DT Chartric Darby and defensive end Ellis Wyms, who filled in for McFarland when he was injured earlier in the season, will rotate again at the nose tackle position for the remainder of the year.

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