Who could the new head coach be?

Bucsblitz.com will follow the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' head coaching search to its conclusion. But, after asking Scout.com NFL reporter Adam Caplan has his list of who could be considered for the post. Find out his selections, plus our analysis, inside this exclusive article.

Who will be Tampa Bay's eighth head coach? While some are reporting that the Bucs could promote defensive coordinator Raheem Morris to the position, the Bucs could take their time in selecting a new head coach. Scout.com's senior NFL reporter, Adam Caplan, gave Bucsblitz.com an exclusive list of potential head coaching candidates. Bucs expert Matthew Postins offers his analysis of each.

Mike Shanahan, former Denver head coach: He is easily the most offensive minded coach in the bunch. He has a great reputation for handling quarterbacks (John Elway and Jay Cutler) and has won two Super Bowls. He can turn just about any running back into a star. The Bucs could hand him their tough, young offensive line, the keys to their draft and their $45 million cap largesse and see results almost immediately. Of course, Shanahan does not know a lick about defense, but that's not Tampa Bay's problem right now.

Steve Spagnuolo, Giants defensive coordinator: Spagnuolo has received plenty of interviews since the regular season ended, but no jobs. The bloom isn't off the rose after last year's Super Bowl victory, either. Spagnuolo would certainly keep Tampa Bay's defensive fortunes intact. But it's impossible to know what he might do with the Bucs' offense, and that's the more pressing concern with this team.

Jason Garrett, Dallas offensive coordinator: Garrett is under fire in Dallas and some believe that he's trying to engineer WR Terrell Owens' departure. He's up for the St. Louis job and could be off the market soon. Some wonder if he has enough experience to be a head coach, especially after last year's debacle to end the season in Dallas. It would be hard to ignore the criticism of several players that Garrett's offense was too simple in 2008.

Hue Jackson, Baltimore quarterbacks coach: He should be getting more mileage than he's getting, considering his work with Joe Flacco this past season. But he's been in the playoffs and won't be available for an interview until at least Monday.

Brian Billick, former Baltimore head coach: You could argue that he's similar to Gruden – a perceived offensive genius who came to a team with a great defense, rode that defense to a Super Bowl and never got the offense on track. The Bucs don't need that again.

Leslie Fraizer, Minnesota defensive coordinator: Frazier has done great work the past two years turning the Vikings into an opportunistic, turnover-happy defense. He wouldn't tinker with the defense, as the Vikes use the Cover 2 as well.

Brian Schottenheimer, New York Jets offensive coordinator: He did solid work with Brett Favre last season, but his offenses have been relatively uncreative during his tenure in New York – run-based schemes that test defenses downfield, but little else.

Rex Ryan, Baltimore defensive coordinator: Ryan is one of the best in the business, but he works in the 3-4, not the 4-3, and doesn't use Cover 2 principles. That would be a drastic shift in philosophy for Tampa Bay. More importantly, the Bucs don't have the personnel to go to a 3-4. It took Dallas three years to make the transition under Bill Parcells.

Todd Haley, Arizona offensive coordinator: Have you seen the stupid offensive numbers the Cardinals have put up this season? The only reason Haley hasn't had an interview yet is because the Cardinals are still in the playoffs. Several teams are holding off on hiring, ostensibly to get a look at Haley next week. He can interview, even if the Cards head to the Super Bowl.

Postins' wild card

Urban Meyer, Florida: Two national titles in three years will get Tampa Bay's attention, especially since he's right down the road in Gainesville. Meyer has made no noise about moving on to the NFL, but he might invite the challenge of moving into the NFL. It'll be a tough sell, though.

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