Pewter Report Staff Picks: Week 17

December 28 – The staffers have made their Week 17 picks. editor Jim Flynn is in first place, but he's only ahead of contributing writer Ian Beckles by three games. The Pewter Reporters have picked their Week 17 winners and losers.


Jim Flynn 154-85

Ian Beckles 151-88

Leo Haggerty 149-90

Sandy Penner 148-91

Scott Reynolds 148-91


Jim Flynn 11-5

Leo Haggerty 11-5

Ian Beckles 10-6

Scott Reynolds 10-6

Sandy Penner 9-7

Philadelphia at NY Giants (Saturday)

Eagles - None

Giants– All Five

Kansas City at Oakland (Saturday)

Chiefs- None

Raiders- All Five

Cincinnati at Buffalo

Bengals – None

Bills – All Five

Atlanta at Cleveland

Falcons- Haggerty, Reynolds

Browns - Beckles, Flynn, Penner

Minnesota at Detroit

Vikings - Flynn, Reynolds

Lions - Beckles, Haggerty, Penner

Tennessee at Houston

Titans- Flynn, Haggerty, Penner, Reynolds

Texans - Beckles

Miami at New England

Dolphins - None

Patroits - All Five

Carolina at New Orleans

Panthers – None

Saints – All Five

Baltimore at Pittsburgh

Ravens – None

Steelers – All Five

Dallas at Washington

Cowboys - Reynolds

Redskins - Beckles, Flynn, Haggerty, Penner

Jacksonville at Indianapolis

Jaguars - None

Colts - All Five

Arizona at Denver

Cardinals - None

Broncos - All Five

Green Bay at NY Jets

Packers None

Jets All Five

Seattle at San Diego

Seahawks None

Chargers All Five

Tampa Bay at Chicago

Buccaneers Haggerty, Penner, Reynolds

Bears Beckles, Flynn

San Francisco at St. Louis

49ers Flynn, Penner, Reynolds

Rams Beckles, Haggerty

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