Bucs Want Compensation For Parcells

December 29 – According to several published internet reports, Tampa Bay might stand in the way of Bill Parcells becoming the next head coach of the Cowboys. Tampa Bay told Parcells' agent, Jimmy Sexton, that any talks with the Cowboys are in violation of the NFL's tampering rules since the Bucs claim Parcells signed a four-year contract with the team last year before he decided to stay retired. The Bucs want teams to seek permission and offer compensation to them to talk to Parcells.

Bill Parcells left Tampa Bay at the altar almost one year ago and now the Bucs could be standing in the way of the two-time Super Bowl winning head coach returning next season as the Dallas Cowboys' new head coach.

According to several published reports, the Bucs have told Parcells' agent, Jimmy Sexton, that talks with Dallas or any other team are in violation of the National Football League's tampering rules since Tampa Bay claims Parcells signed a four-year contract with the Bucs before he changed his mind and decided to stay retired.

Not only do the Bucs want the league to force teams to seek permission from them in order to talk with Parcells, but the team's owners – the Glazers – also want compensation if Parcells signs a contract to coach in the NFL next season.

"We have put Bill Parcells and his representatives on notice that any team that wishes to speak with him must first receive our permission in accordance with the NFL Anti-Tampering rules and we will require compensation to grant such permission," Buccaneers general manager Rich McKay told ESPN.com on Sunday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is expected to fire current head coach Dave Campo on Monday, has already met with Parcells on two occasions, but he may not be able to offer Parcells a contract until the league reviews the matter, which is expected to happen later this week.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the contract Parcells signed with the Bucs was never submitted by the team for NFL approval, which could hurt Tampa Bay's claim.

Tampa Bay traded a total of four draft picks (two first-round and two-second-round) to Oakland in exchange for head coach Jon Gruden a few weeks after Parcells decided to stay retired.

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