Bucs Sound Off On 49ers

January 9 – Want to know what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers players are saying about San Francisco 49ers? PewterReport.com has some of the Bucs players' thoughts on its playoff opponent.

Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson On San Francisco's 22nd Ranked Pass Defense:
"They had some difficulty at times, but teams that we played, secondary wise, teams you would expect us to throw on we struggled against. It's just a matter of us executing, and we can't worry about their struggles at all. I know they're getting (Jason) Webster back. I know they have a pretty good defensive group with Bryant Young, (Dana) Stubblefield, (Kevin) Carter, and those guys. If we can protect, we should be able to throw the football."

Johnson On San Francisco's 24-point Comeback Last Sunday Against New York:
"A playoff team is a playoff team. It doesn't matter if we had to play them Wednesday, I'm sure they would be up for it. I'm pretty sure they are rested. They're probably not having a whole lot of practice because they're just going to prepare, but they just got off the football field a couple of days ago. They're going to travel and be ready to go."

Bucs Pro Bowl Defensive Tackle Warren Sapp On The Defense's No. 1 Priority Against The 49ers' Potent Offense:
"(Stopping the run) has always been our key. That's the way we've played all year long. This has been the first time that we have held our opponents under 100 yards (per game) for the whole season, and that's been our rallying cry all season. If you stop the run, it's going to be tough to throw that thing around. I don't care who you have."

Sapp On Stopping San Francisco's 6th ranked Running Game:
"They don't come at you like Pittsburgh would, where they have the big backs and they will pound it right at you. They do it in different ways. They control the game with formations and different things like that. They spread you out. They run slide-draws, trap-draws, line-draws, just different things. It's just a different way of controlling a game, other than Pittsburgh who lines up some of the bigger people we play, but we won't lose sleep over it."

Sapp On Why The Defense Has Been So Successful Stopping Scrambling Quarterbacks This Season:
"Because they torched us in 1998. We had to practice at this. We let a lot of quarterbacks out in 1998, 1999. We did a lot of crazy things. (Coach Gruden) put that film back on for us, knowing that we would have to chase (Michael) Vick twice, (Aaron) Brooks twice, (Donovan) McNabb once, and all the great quarterbacks in the league that are mobile, it just prepared us for this year. We have not let one guy kill us with his legs. If you can beat us with your arm, then that goes on us for not rushing and not covering, but out of the pocket is all on us."

Sapp On How 49ers QB Jeff Garcia Differs From Falcons QB Michael Vick When It Comes To Mobility:
"You can't really separate him from McNabb because they are the same type (of quarterback). They will run around, but run to throw. They do some different things. Vick, when he has a chance to go, he's gone. Jeff will run at the line, then break sideways to throw it because he has that beast (Terrell Owens) out there. When you have that beast out there, you look for him at all times. He (Garcia) is good at what he does, but we are good at what we do."

Tampa Bay Right Tackle Kenyatta Walker On San Francisco's Travel To Tampa:
"Anytime you have to come all the way across the country to play a game, hopefully you're a little jet-lagged or something. We have to go out there, you know they're going to come prepared. It's the playoffs, and every team is good that's left. We just have to go out there and play ball, play Bucs ball."

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