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January 12 - Read what Tampa Bay's players had to say about its 31-6 win over the San Francisco 49ers from their locker room inside of Raymond James Stadium. Some of the Bucs players also talk about next Sunday's game against Philadelphia in the NFC Championship Game.

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on Tampa Bay's 31-6 win over San Francisco:
"I'd just like to say we're very excited obviously, and proud, of our players and coaches and fans. It was a good performance the first 25 or 30 minutes as we've had all season. I respect San Francisco, as does our team tremendously, and to get that kind of win today is something we're very proud of."

Gruden on the Bucs-Eagles NFC Championship Game next Sunday:
"Anytime you can win a playoff game in the second round by 25 points, play good on offense, good on defense, and make some timely plays along the way, it's very exciting. It opens your eyes, not only on the coaching staff, but to every guy in the locker room that we're capable of getting this done. Hopefully, that carries over to next week. We have a tall order. We know the Eagles are an outstanding team."

Bucs tight end Rickey Dudley on his 12-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter:
"Well, we had been running a power play to the right side a couple times before and they had kind of overloaded. So, we went to a naked (bootleg) and they pretty much bit the whole play."

Tampa Bay fullback Mike Alstott on going to Philadelphia to play the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game:
"The confidence is there. We know it's going to be tough to go into Philadelphia because they're a great team. But this (Bucs team) is a different team than the last two years. We have our confidence going and we're playing hard."

Bucs center Jeff Christy on Tampa Bay's balanced offensive attack against San Francisco:
"It's huge whenever you make a defense have to defend against the run and the pass. If they had to just defend against the pass, they're going to hit you with blitzes and it just makes life miserable for everybody. Whenever you're able to establish the run and be able to actually get yards running the ball it, makes them defend both the run and the pass and it helps the offense tremendously."

Christy on having to go to Philadelphia to play for the right to go to the Super Bowl in San Diego:
"Other than the fact that the Eagles have beat us three times in the last three years, if we can just overcome that, I think that's the biggest obstacle. We've gone up there and ended our season there the last two seasons. You can say what you want, but that's a tough apple to swallow. We have to be on our game and go up there with a good game plan and execute it."

Bucs wide receiver Joe Jurevicius on Tampa Bay not settling for field goals and scoring four touchdowns against the 49ers:
"Honestly, we should do that every time we step out onto the field. Field goals are great and it's great to have Martin (Gramatica), but our job as an offense is to score points."

Bucs wide receiver Keenan McCardell on Tampa Bay's 31-6 win over San Francisco :
"We realized the task at hand and what we had to do to win today. It's not over. We've got business to handle and this was just the first step. We've got another step next week in Philadelphia. We can be happy that we got to the NFC Championship Game, but our ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl. We can celebrate for about five minutes in the locker room and now it's time to think about the Championship Game. It's the biggest game of your life and they get bigger after that if you can get past it."

McCardell on Tampa Bay's offense not scoring a touchdown against Philadelphia's defense in its last three trips to Veterans Stadium:
"I'm not even thinking about the last three trips to Philadelphia. I was up there one time and I saw a lot of things that could happen that could be good for us. I think we're going to have our chances. I'm just waiting for us to just explode and what better time to do it than now?"

Bucs Pro Bowl defensive end Simeon Rice on playing the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game next Sunday:
"We're going up there with the C-4 in our back. They want something and we want something and we're both left standing here. We're going to have to fight to get it. It's all good and it's understood. You can't locker room talk and there's no poster boards. This is the highest level – this is for the NFC Championship and this is for the honor to play in the Super Bowl. This is where the legends began. This is what it's all about. This is where your name is cemented in this game forever – in the Super Bowl. It's not about us and it's not about them – it's about something bigger than the both of us, and that's the Super Bowl."

Rice on Tampa Bay's 31-6 win over San Francisco :
"We put the game in our pocket and we didn't play the game, we were the game. We didn't wait for situations to occur, we created our situations. We stayed on top of it and we didn't finish like the Giants did last week with any indiscretion or referees making mistakes. We made sure we put this one in our pocket and that's the same mentality it's got to be for next week. It's much bigger next week because we're playing for 60 minutes for the rest of our life to be infamous in this league and just make this team cemented forever."

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