McCardell's observations from Bucs mini-camp

Former Bucs WR Keenan McCardell attended Tampa Bay's mini-camp on Tuesday at the invitation of head coach Raheem Morris. What are his thoughts on the all of the Bucs' changes this offseason? His feelings toward the organization? And his future plans? Find out in this exclusive with the complete interview.

Q: What do you think of the changes that are happening here?

A: There are big changes but a lot of enthusiasm and young hungry blood here. Everybody has to be accountable. When you are young you have to be accountable for what your job is. It is not going to be easy, but if everybody gets on the same page, you can make it easy.

Q: This isn't One Buc anymore is it?

A: Oh no. This is my first time back really seeing it on the inside. It is great. The Glazers put every penny they had in here. It is state of the art and probably the best facility I have been around.

Q: What do you think the perception of this franchise is now from a player's standpoint outside looking in?

A: It is just a different regime and a new energetic life. Raheem is a great coach and is only going to get better. I know this is his first year, and he has a lot of great coaches around him. I think he is going to keep them going. Some of these guys are probably amazed at the enthusiasm he has had. He loves the game. He loves to coach and teach so it is going to be interesting.

Q: You left here on negative terms. What are your thoughts when you think back at your time as a Buccaneer?

A: I loved it. I still have a lot of great friends here. I enjoy the area. This organization brought me a Super Bowl so how can I be mad at it. Business was business and you move on. You can't be bitter about that. We both made a business decision, and now it is over. After I left, it was over. I always rooted for these guys when I was away because I put a lot of sweat and tears into this organization and enjoyment.

Q: You still only have one player (Ronde Barber) still out here from that Super Bowl team. What do you think when you see him still lining up?

A: He is a true warrior and a guy like me who just loves to play football. When there is 15 minutes on the clock and it is getting ready to start, he is there all day long. He is going to compete and outplay people. He is no doubt the leader here and what a great leader they have because he will teach them how to play the game right.

Q: Is it tough not seeing Derrick Brooks here?

A: It is but we have had our discussions over the offseason. I know he still wants to play. He is guy who is a hired gun to win a Super Bowl. When he comes into a locker room, it is his job to lead a team to the promised land. He understands that. I told him there wherever you go, you need to go in playing like you played here and being the leader there like you were here. He is a type of guy like me. He doesn't like to sit and wait. He loves to take reps and be out here with the guys while showing the young ones how to get it done and showing them how to be an All-Pro. Once he gets in a locker room, he is going to go back to being himself

Q: How proud are you that you brought this franchise a Super Bowl?

A: I am very proud. I can see my picture down the hall and I am like ‘Wow.' To see those pictures brings back a lot of great memories. It just tells you how good that team that won the Super Bowl really was.

Q: Do you have any interest in coaching?

A: I have talked to a bunch of coaches who say that I have been in this game 17 years and that is has been my whole life, so why get away from it. If the opportunity comes, we will see. I have been around some great coaches and fortunately have learned from those guys. I kind of have understood what has made them so successful. It is about hard work and having good people. When you have good people, you can overcome some talent issues because the good ones will be out there everyday working for you. They will be doing the things that you need to do to get to the next level and that is to win a Super Bowl.

Q: Do you have any regrets looking back that the franchise didn't run off two or three more Super Bowls?

A: Yeah, because we were set and it just didn't happen. It is hard to imagine that we didn't win anymore, but that is just this game. That why the game is so great. You think you have a dynasty, but you don't.

Q: Did you ever think you would be back here to the Bucs facility?

A: That's tough. Probably not, but with a new regime, yeah because I think Raheem really understood what I brought. I'm not saying Jon (Gruden) didn't understand that. I have no ill will towards Jon at all. I still say he is probably one of the better coaches I have ever been around

Q: How did you come about returning to the Bucs?

A: I was playing with Raheem at Derrick Brooks' golf tournament and I kind of mentioned that I was thinking about maybe getting in. He told me to come on out and see what I think about it and it has been fun. I am really enjoying it and am just happy to be here.

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