Bucs Corner: Sabby Piscitelli

Third-year safety appears in line for a starting job as Buccaneers training camp begins this weekend. He took some time out to answer a few questions from Bucsblitz.com's Tyler Frazier, including differences fans can expect to see in Tampa Bay's defense in 2009. This exclusive interview can only be found at Bucsblitz.com.

Tyler Frazier: Coach (Raheem) Morris said that you guys focused on the fundamentals symbolizing the four losses at the end of last season. How important is it to take that look back?

Sabby Piscitelli: I think that is where it all starts. It all starts with the basics and the fundamentals. Coach is really emphasizing situational football. It's big because the last four games if you look back on it, he wants us to be prepared for when it happens in a game. He doesn't want to voodoo us. He wants us to be prepared if the opportunity presents itself. He is doing a great job of simulating situations for us and going through at least one at each practice.

Frazier: How much does it fire you up to be written off nationally?

Piscitelli: To me, I love that kind of stuff. I take it as a motivational factor. I think all of us should. It's exciting when nobody expects anything out of you because they will all be surprised.

Frazier: What is the biggest difference with this year's defense?

Piscitelli: I think Coach (Jim) Bates brings a lot of style and his own swagger. He is going to bring a lot more man coverage, and he is going to be more aggressive from the stance of the cornerback's spot. I think it will allow us to make a lot more plays. I think the safeties have to be playmakers in the passing game. He does a great job with the front seven teaching them to be physical with the run.

Frazier: What can the fans expect out of the defense this season? A: You are not going to see too much of a difference. You are still going to see the same physical and fast defense that flies around. There is just a little bit of a different scheme.

Frazier: How has the acclimation been?

Piscitelli: It has been great. We are trying to get ready for camp and how it is going to be and what the pace is going to be like. The workload has been good. This is our last real practice day until the season starts on August 1. It is kind of like getting your feet wet here a little bit. You have to train hard while getting ready physically and mentally so we can hit the ground running on August 1.

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