Caddy ready to roll as camp unfolds

Carnell Williams spent the offseason rehabbing another knee injury, but he comes into this Training Camp ready to go. Williams talked with and other media members before camp started and answered questions about his rehab and the crowded backfield he walks into this season.

Q: Is it your understanding that you are good to go tomorrow?

Williams: Yeah no doubt I am good to go so I am excited and looking forward to it.

Q: Can you talk about the rehab process and your dedication to it?

Williams: It was tough, but the one good thing about this one was that I had been through it before. Therefore, the second time around came a little easier, but once you are rehabbing a knee, it is always tough. It went well and I looking forward to tomorrow.

Q: Did it help you get over the hump knowing that prior to the injury you were that close to working your way back from the first one?

Williams: I think that was a big part of my rehab because from game to game and week to week, I started to actually feel like myself. I was not favoring my knee or anything. Just knowing that gave confidence that once I rehabbed that knee and continued to get stronger, it would be okay.

Q: It is a little bit of a crowded backfield now. Do you feel like Carnell needs to bring himself back from 2005 to make a name for himself again?

Williams: You are right it is a crowded backfield. I just want to thank God because I am just happy to be here. I am glad I am back to play football. I am just looking forward to going to camp and competing with these guys and seeing what happens.

Q: If the season started tomorrow, would you be ready to go at 100 percent?

Williams: If the season started tomorrow I am good to go.

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