Bucs Q&A: Byron Leftwich

He's spent the past few years as a backup in Atlanta and Pittsburgh. But Byron Leftwich came to Tampa for the opportunity to start. In this Bucs Q&A, Leftwich talks about the playbook, whether he sees Tampa as a good opportunity and what he thinks of the players around him in this exclusive conversation.

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Q: Do you feel comfortable with the playbook at this point?

A: At this point, I know the playbook so it is a great opportunity for me to try and go out there and play as fast as I can. The playbook won't be the problem. I know it well enough to go out there and perform well.

Q: In Atlanta and Pittsburgh, you didn't have the chance to come in and compete for a full time starting position. What do you think about the opportunity you have here?

A: This is the opportunity that you want. For the last two training camps, I have been in situations where like in Pittsburgh last year where no matter what I did, they were playing for Ben (Roethlisberger). Having this chance to come out here and play and to be in the competition for the starting quarterback job is exciting to me.

Q: Do you view it as an open competition?

A: Yes that is what I have been told. I got to believe that they will put the best quarterback out there. I have to believe that. It is really the reason I am here because I had that belief. I believe they will do that.

Q: Does it energize you knowing that you are in this situation that you haven't been in for a while?

A: Oh Yeah. I actually started to get butterflies two days ago just anxious for this thing to get going. I am tired of answering questions about it. We are going to let the football speak for itself, and that is what I am anxious to do.

Q: Do you have any sense of how the reps will be divided?

A: I don't know how they are going to do it. You have four quarterbacks here, and all four want to play. We all understand that. The only thing is that only one can play at a time. Hopefully whoever that is going to be they can get it over with quickly so this team can go forward knowing who the starting quarterback is. That is how you want it to be. It is one of those things where you don't want to be lingering for four preseason games. You want this thing to be set in stone, and that is the attitude that I am taking.

Q: Do you have any reaction to some people completely writing off this team?

A: They didn't expect a lot out of the Cardinals last year either. When you look at it that way, it goes to show you who is really the expert. Nobody picked the Cardinals to be in that situation. As players, we understand that our destiny is in our hands. We can go out here and play well, work hard, and perform well, and we have just as good as an opportunity as anybody else.

Q: What do you think of the weapons that you have on this offense?

A: They are the best that I have ever been around. Being a part of this type of football team is another reason I came here because I never had that type of stuff around me. I had it in Pittsburgh, but it wasn't officially mine. It was Ben's (Roethlisberger). So when you get a chance to practice with that, it makes the game a lot easier and takes less pressure off you as a quarterback. You don't have to do everything when you have the players we have.

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