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January 19 – Pewter Report has the Bucs players' reactions from Tampa Bay's locker room inside Veterans Stadium after the Bucs 27-10 win over the Eagles. The Bucs will play in Super Bowl XXXVII next Sunday. Read what the Bucs had to say about their impressive win and their first trip to the Super Bowl.

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on the possibility of facing the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII:
"Well, I have a lot of respect from where I came from, obviously. I have some important relationships with some of those players. It certainly would be exciting."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's defensive performance against Philadelphia:
"We've got a great defense and they played huge all year. I said from the beginning that I succeeded a guy that did a great job here. We have some inspiring football players here. We just came together and we just led by an unbelievable defense this season and I thought our offense improved dramatically since the beginning of the season."

Gruden on his team's response to Philadelphia's touchdown on its first possession of the game:
"We had a long scoring drive to answer their score – we got a field goal. I thought Joe Jurevicius' big play when we were really backed up really got us going. When we start getting it going a little bit this defense starts feeling it. I don't care who's on the other side – our defense is tough and stingy. We're proud of everybody."

Gruden on his decision to not kick to Eagles return man Brian Mitchell after his two big returns:
"Anything it takes, really. We had to limit the opportunities Mitchell got. He hurt us early. He changed the game in terms of field position. I'm just so proud of our team and I'm so happy for our fans. We're coming back tonight and hey, we're going to the Super Bowl."

Tampa Bay wide receiver Joe Jurevicius on the Bucs defeating the Eagles when practically no one gave the Bucs a chance to win:
"Well, we're sitting on top of the world right now. It's been a roller coaster of emotions all week. But my family needed me there and I'm a family guy. The way things are going right now and the way I'm feeling right now, I think my son might be up walking. I'm and I just want to say thanks to the Buccaneers organization for giving me a chance. I have the best teammates in the world. We've done it all along – people say we can't do it and we do it."

Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer on Tampa Bay advancing to Super Bowl XXXVII with its 27-10 win over Philadelphia:
"My reaction is we have the greatest team in the world – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We have great fans and we have the greatest coach. What else could you want in this world but having a day like this? A day like this is something you might never see in your life and it may never happen again. I just can't say enough about this team right now."

Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson on overcoming the odds of winning in Philly:
"The only thing we can do is go out onto the football field and do what we do. We told everybody not to worry about the cold and to not worry about their defense – we can handle it. So much for the Eagles having the best secondary in the league. We did what we wanted to do when we had the opportunities. We did so well against them in the second half that we started to pound the ball. They are such a great defense, but we made all of the mistakes in Week 7. We learned this offense several months later and that's what we kept telling everybody. No one ever wanted to listen to us, but now I think people are opening their ears and paying close attention."

Keyshawn Johnson on the people who said the Bucs didn't matchup well against the Eagles:
"We listened all week long about how our receivers couldn't get separation against their DBs. We didn't need separation. They didn't play man-to-man, they played zone. All we did is catch the ball in front of them and did stuff after the catch like Joe Jurevicius did catching the ball to put us in scoring position and my touchdown and Keenan's catches. That's all we needed to do and now we're going to San Diego."

Keyshawn Johnson on going to Super Bowl XXXVII:
"I came here to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. Now I've got to it and now we've got to go and try to win it."

Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber on his 94-yard interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter:
"We were playing cover 2. They really like slants near the goal line and I don't think Donovan McNabb saw me on the cut and I just came right through it. I got (an interception for a TD) called back last week, man. There was no way I was getting this one called back. That was a huge play for us and I had Tiki (Barber) over there celebrating for me."

Bucs quarterback Brad Johnson on sporting a glove on his throwing hand for the first time this season:
"Well, the new balls can get really slick up here, especially when it rains. So, all season long, Coach Gruden kept telling me to practice with the glove and just keep practicing with the glove. So this week, I actually started practicing with the glove just in case because there were so many new balls they were having us play with tonight. The balls were slick and I felt like I had a better grip on the ball. I couldn't have thrown without the gloves tonight."

Brad Johnson on the blitzes the Eagles defense sent throughout the day:
"The blitzes never really got to us today. We actually hit a slant and a shovel pass in there. We did a great job of recognizing the blitz. They're a tremendous team. For us to comeback up here to the Vet and step up to the challenge – this was a great day for our franchise. I bet the cannons are sounding off back home in Tampa."

Brad Johnson on the big win in Philly:
"This is just an awesome day for this franchise. It's a great day, especially after all of what's happened up here in the past. Guys put it together. We played extremely well all season long and it just seemed like we picked it up offensively in the second half of the season. Our offensive line dominated those guys up front today. I took a couple of hits, but I didn't take any sacks. We had our running game going and we had our passing game going. We had over two 95-yard drives today."

Brad Johnson on what the difference was between Week 7 and Sunday's game in Philly:
"The last time I left this stadium I had cracked ribs. Now I'm walking away with the NFC title. I feel like we progressed offensively. Our last games we averaged over 28 points per game. We were probably one of the best offenses in the league. We've got to get the job done one more week."

Brad Johnson on playing for Jon Gruden:
"It's awesome. I've talked about that from Day 1. The man is very organized and detailed. You better know your stuff being with Jon. He'll slow it down on game day if he has to, but he's going to put a lot of pressure on you to improve. He's going to get the right personnel in here to play under his scheme. I've never been as excited as I am around a guy like him. I'm learning football from him daily."

Bucs strongside linebacker Al Singleton on the defense changing up some of the looks they were giving the Eagles offense:
"A little bit (of cover 2). It seemed like a lot of teams were catching on to what we were doing, so we changed some stuff we were doing. But pretty much everything we did we remain solid. We just limited the mistakes because the past three times we came up here we just didn't feel like we played Buccaneer football. People blamed it on the cold or whatever, but this is the way we played tonight. It doesn't matter who we play in the Super Bowl at all. As long as we're there and we have somebody to play, we'll be ready."

Bucs Pro Bowl defensive end Simeon Rice on defeating the Eagles and going to the Super Bowl:
"I always said that if we got an opportunity to have an opportunity of a lifetime to play at a championship level, it would all come 10 times over. Everything just came to a head. Right now, we're not peeking yet. We've got one more game to go. It's all good."

Rice on the defense stopping Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and Philly's offense:
"We stopped the run and we didn't let any big plays occur. We took care of all of those phases. We scored points. It's no secret. And if it was, the secret is out."

Tampa Bay free safety Dexter Jackson on Tampa Bay's 27-10 win over Philadelphia:
"It was real big. They had our number. We were 0-3. But Coach Gruden had told us that when Barry Bonds hit the record-breaking home run, he had struck out the three times before that. The fourth time he went up to bat, he hit the home run. So, Coach Gruden compared us to Barry Bonds. This was our fourth time up to bat and we hit a home run."

Jackson on proving all of the doubters wrong:
"It feels great to prove all of them wrong. When everybody is against you and seeing everything how it was, we didn't have anything to lose, actually. Everybody had the Eagles to win and they said we couldn't win because of the cold weather and because we were 0-6 on the road in the playoffs. We had so many obstacles we had to overcome. No one gave us a chance. We believed in ourselves and we knew what type of team we had."

Bucs defensive tackle Warren Sapp on Tampa Bay's 27-10 win over Philadelphia:
"One more to go. We ain't going to San Diego for no vacation."

Bucs general manager Rich McKay on the team going to its first Super Bowl in franchise history:
"The fans hung with us through thin and thinner, if you will. To have a chance to win a championship is special. I think best feeling in that locker room is it's not like we've reached the pinnacle. We can get rid of all of these old sayings about the cold and about Philly, but we still have one game to go and it's the most important one we'll play in our lifetimes."

Bucs CB Brian Kelly on what the defense did to shut down RB Duce Staley:
"The big guys up front weren't giving up any gaps. We play a one-gap defense and everybody held their gaps. There really wasn't anything there for him."

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