McCown knows it's not over yet

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven't named a starting quarterback yet. Today, Luke McCown sat down with reporters and talked about the competition and where he feels he fits in. This exclusive Q&A can only be found at

Q: Has a winner been determined from the QB competition?

McCown: No. We are going to extend the competition one more week. It gives the coaches another week to evaluate us. That is fine with Byron and myself. We are going to keep on competing and keep pushing each other to get better. We feel like whatever direction coach decides to go, we are going to have a good football team.

Q: What do you think Coach wants to see from you guys that he hasn't seen already?

McCown: I don't know. He hasn't told us that. He just wants another week to evaluate. I can't speak for Coach. We are going to keep competing, keep trying to get better, and try to put our team in a position to win.

Q: Who will start on Thursday?

McCown: Byron will.

Q: How much playing time will the two of you get?

McCown: It is a quarter and a half for both of us.

Q: Do you feel that you played well enough to win it after Saturday's performance?

McCown: I don't know. That is coach's decision. I try to go out and execute the game plan, so that I can get my guys in a situation where they can succeed where we just score points and we did that. Fortunately, I had two series where we were inside the 50, one of them being inside the 20-yard line. There were a lot of similarities in our games, my first game and the second game, as far as the series that Byron and I had and in our situations. Maybe they want to see more of that. Again, I am not pressing to show anyone anything. They have seen me for a long time now. I want to go out and be efficient on the field, be a leader, put points on the board, and win. They will make a decision off of that.

Q: Is it important for you to know early on that you are the guy?

McCown: Yeah, I don't think you need to wait until the week before we play Dallas to know who is going to be the guy. I don't think that is the case though. We will go through this game and then make a decision off of it.

Q: Do you think that is a fair approach that it should go into another game?

McCown: Who is to say what is fair and what's not. We go out to perform and play. It's our job to try and be ready. No not try. It is our job to be ready. There is a lot of things that you can say is fair or not fair I guess. As far as the competition goes, all you can control is going out, playing hard, and performing. We both have an opportunity to do that."

Q: Do you feel like the competition is close?

McCown: Yeah I guess so. II think we both have had good camps. Like I said, we have both had similar situations in these first two games that we have performed in. I think the decision that the coach has to make is a hard one.

Q: Is there a sort of randomness to this whole thing because so much depends on field position when you are only comparing three series?

McCown: Absolutely. It is interesting that it has happened that way because all we have emphasized over training camp is situational football such as third downs, red zones, or being backed up. We have had those coming off of a turnover and we are inside the red zone or coming off a long kickoff return and we are in the red zone. We have to get points when we are in the red zone. I think we have shown we can do that. We can be efficient when we are in the red zone by taking care of the ball, not taking sacks, not getting penalties, and getting points.

Q: Were you disappointed that a decision has not been reached?

McCown: It was a tough decision. It is going to be a tough decision. We are competitors, and we will continue to compete.

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