Bucs QB Johnson Might Sport Glove On Sunday

January 24 – Tampa Bay Pro Bowl quarterback Brad Johnson has been practicing with and without a glove on his throwing hand this week. The NFL used new footballs for the NFC Championship Game, but Johnson said they were slick, which was why he sported a glove during last Sunday's game. The league will use new balls again for Super Bowl XXXVII, which could cause Johnson to wear a glove on his right hand again.

Tampa Bay Pro Bowl quarterback Brad Johnson might stick with what worked against Philadelphia last Sunday.

Johnson sported a glove on his throwing hand for the first time this season during the NFC Championship Game last Sunday due to the fact that the National Football League used new footballs for that contest. After Tampa Bay's 27-10 win in Philadelphia, Johnson suggested the new balls were slick and difficult to throw.

"Well, the new balls can get really slick up here, especially when it rains," Johnson said after last Sunday's win over the Eagles. "So, all season long, Coach Gruden kept telling me to practice with the glove and just keep practicing with the glove. So this week, I actually started practicing with the glove just in case because there were so many new balls they were having us play with tonight. The balls were slick and I felt like I had a better grip on the ball. I couldn't have thrown without the gloves tonight."

Johnson completed 20-of-33 passes for 259 yards and he threw one touchdown and one interception against the Eagles last Sunday.

The NFL will use brand new footballs for Super Bowl XXXVII, which is why Johnson has practiced with the glove on his right hand again this week.

While Johnson has not decided whether or not he'll sport the glove during Sunday's big game, all signs suggest he is leaning toward wearing it during the Super Bowl.

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