Keyshawn Vows To Never Talk To Media Again

January 25 – Tampa Bay wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson seems to always find his way into the spotlight, but now he wants out of it. In the Damn Diary, his daily Super Bowl XXXVII journal on, Johnson promised to never talk to the media again. He also said he would only play three more years of professional football.

Tampa Bay wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson is in the spotlight more often than not, but now he wants nothing more than to be out of the media spotlight and he's vowed to never talk to the media again.

Johnson made his proclamation in the Damn Diary, his daily Super Bowl XXXVII journal on

"I'm announcing it right here that I am officially through with the media," Johnson wrote in his diary on Friday. "It only took a Super Bowl to make me realize that there is no way to win the battle with the media, so I'm calling it quits. I'm pulling a Sterling Sharpe, a Steve Carlton, a Duane Thomas. I'm done.

"You can write the headline now: ‘Keyshawn Not Talking To the Media for the Next Three Years'."

So, why has Johnson, who has notoriously been a controversial figure in the NFL due to the fact that he speaks his mind, chosen to hit the mute button now?

"Here's why: reporters ask for us to talk. We don't ask to talk to them. But when we do talk about ourselves, they write that we're seeking attention. Hey, we didn't ask for you to come interview us. You came here, you're the ones who wanted to cover a Super Bowl. But we talk and now we're selfish and self-serving. And when we don't, then we're disgruntled. Make up your damn minds."

So, why has Tampa Bay's wide receiver handed the media a three-year sentence? Well, Johnson is under contract with the Buccaneers through the 2007 season, but he has plans for life after football.

"Win or lose on Sunday, I'm playing three more years in this league.

"I've always said I was only playing for 10 years. I've got a lot of things I want to do with my life, a lot of business interests and that stuff is exciting to me. Besides, nobody will be coming to me asking for my time and then write that I'm a selfish businessman who doesn't give praise to my business associates."

But if Johnson won't talk to the media, perhaps he'll become one of them. Johnson has his own weekly radio show on 620 WDAE in Tampa and he's also made several guest appearances on pre-game television shows such as ESPN and FOX.

"Maybe I'll keep being my own columnist."

Although he declared he'd never talk to the media again, Johnson did not completely shut the door on the possibility of changing his mind.

"The media. Hilarious. Well, I'm done laughing at y'all because I'm just done ... Unless they change my mind for me. We'll see"

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