Bucs Post-Game Quotes

January 27 – Read what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to say about its 48-21 win over the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Tampa Bay owner Malcolm Glazer on winning Super Bowl XXXVII:
"First, I want to thank Coach Gruden for everything he did. He came from Heaven and he brought us to Heaven. And next, I want to thank the players. We have the greatest players in the whole world. They're the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you haven't heard about us, you heard about us today. And the fans, we have the best fans in the whole world."

Glazer on all of the criticism his family had taken throughout the search for Tony Dungy's replacement :
"We were waiting for the right man and the right man came – Jon Gruden."

Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden on the Bucs No. 1 ranked defense going up against Oakland's No. 1 ranked offense:
"That was all overrated. I stayed away from the defense and it's a credit to our players. We've got a great defensive club and I'm so happy for the city of Tampa and these great football players and fans because that's what it was all about today."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's defense coming up with five interceptions:
"If you are going to throw the ball against our defense, good luck. They are a stingy defense, we rush the passer, are very disciplined and we are very athletic. Like I said, that is something we do well."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's offense coming together towards the end of the season:
"It was just time. We got more and more acclimated to the offense as the season unfolded and we're going to get a lot better, I can promise you that. But this is exciting for us."

Gruden on Tampa Bay trading four drafts picks and $8 million to Oakland in exchange for his services during the offseason:
"I know it's a very sensitive situation. Tony Dungy did a great job and I reaped the benefits of a lot of his hard work. But by God, this is Tampa Bay's night and we're World Champions and I'm going to enjoy it."

Tampa Bay free safety Dexter Jackson on being named the MVP of Super Bowl XXXVII:
"I knew there were going to be opportunities for big plays tonight. Rich Gannon loves to throw the ball and me and some of my friends were watching ESPN and everyone was picking their Super Bowl MVPs. I mean, they were picking the MVP and we hadn't even played the game yet. I knew I could make a difference in this game. I told somebody that I was going to be the MVP of this game and they ran up to me after it and they said "You told me you were going to be the MVP". Yeah, we're champions!"

Jackson on intercepting Raiders QB Rich Gannon two times:
"They say safeties have good hands and I think I have good hands."

Jackson on his first interception, which stalled Oakland's drive which was heading into Tampa Bay territory:
"They had three receivers on one side and one on the backside. They tried to flood one side and get the tight end (Doug Jolley) matched up with our safety. They were trying to get John Lynch so I went over and picked it off. He tried to run a stop fade and our line had a great rush."

Jackson on winning a Super Bowl for the city of Tampa:
"It's real great. When I first came to the team, I knew they had great players like the Sapps and Lynches and Brooks. These guys came from nothing and came together as a championship caliber team. It was tough. John Lynch went through it and he told me what it takes to be a great guy. I'm happy for the city of Tampa."

Tampa Bay defensive tackle Warren Sapp on how long it took for the Bucs to go from the laughing stock of the league to Super Bowl Champs:
"For me and (Derrick) Brooks it was eight long and hard years. We were called Paper Champions and everything from under the sun itself. We're a very good defense and today we proved we're one of the best ever."

Sapp on what it means to him to have won Super Bowl XXXVII:
"It's unbelievable. Right now I have two Vince Lombardi trophies – one from college and one from right here. There's no greater feeling than getting this done with the rest of my teammates."

Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks on his interception return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter:
"I felt like all game long I was just one step away and I knew he was going to try at some point to force it down the middle. I just thank God that I was able to step up in front of the pass and I just got it and kept running like I've been doing since I was a little kid."

Tampa Bay defensive end Simeon Rice on where the Bucs' defense ranks with other great defenses:
"We've got a combination of guys that represent what they are. As you saw Derrick (Brooks) went out and made big plays today. He does what he do. Big Warren (Sapp) got out there and did what he do. We've got a combination of great guys that play at a classic level. This is truly a classic defense and you have to tip your hat to it."

Rice on why Oakland's offense couldn't get on a roll:
"They couldn't get on a roll because they couldn't stand the pressure. When you can't stand the pressure, you've got to get out of the kitchen. We put the pressure we needed to put on their offensive today and they weren't prepared for what this defense brings."

Bucs quarterback Brad Johnson on rebounding after throwing an interception on the first offensive series of the game:
"We just take one play at a time. We actually went through this against San Fran and we went through this in Philly. Don't panic and don't get caught up in one play. Just treat the next play like it's the best play you've got out there. We just got better as the game went on, especially in the second quarter – we got hot. The rest just kind of fell in place."

Brad Johnson on Bucs running back Michael Pittman's big game via the ground attack:
"He really was (getting some big yardage on the ground. Our running game really picked up there and we really converted a lot of our third downs. He had a tremendous day. Our offensive line played awesome today. They didn't allow one sack all game."

Bucs wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson on playing with the same quarterback for the second consecutive year for the first time in his career:
"I plan on having Brad Johnson as my quarterback for a third consecutive year. You can't say enough about Brad. He didn't get any credit from anybody all season long. But our fans came through and gave Brad all the support and he led us to victory."

Tampa Bay strong safety John Lynch on winning Super Bowl XXXVII:
"It's so great considering all the stuff this franchise has been through. I came here 10 years ago and we were the laughing stock of the league. But we worked so hard to become a playoff team again and we were on the edge. In '99, we came so close. A lot of teams could have gone the other way from there, but we just kept getting stronger. Jon Gruden came in here and we brought him to Tampa to do one thing – this. He delivered upon it. We had a lot of guys who believed and kept working and here we are."

Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber on coming out of Super Bowl XXXVII victorious:
"It was our day. This was our dream and our journey and we executed in dominating fashion today."

Barber on Tampa Bay's No. 1 ranked defense's ability to shut down Oakland's No. 1 ranked offense:
"We needed an opportunity to show how good we were against the best offense in the league. We wanted to show how dominating we were and we came out motivated with high energy. There was no stopping us."

Barber on Tampa Bay's defense scoring three touchdowns against Oakland:
"Rich Gannon came into this game with a great passer rating and everything else, but we focused on what we had to do. We score on defense. We're a turnover-generated team and that wins a lot of games for us."

Barber on the play of Tampa Bay QB Brad Johnson:
"He's played great all year. The last 10 weeks of this season there hasn't been a better quarterback, Rich Gannon included. Brad has been efficient and he's been finding open receivers and he's not throwing interceptions. That's all you can ask of the guy."

Barber on what head coach Jon Gruden did to keep the Bucs focused before the Super Bowl:
"He treated this week just like any other week. We didn't come out here to win a Super Bowl, we came out here to beat the Oakland Raiders. That Super Bowl Championship just comes along with it."

Tampa Bay WR Keenan McCardell on his first touchdown:
"That was a big one. We wanted to go in with a score before the half, either three points or seven. Brad saw me one on one and he made a big play. He made the throw and I made the play. That was one of the plays that got us going into the half and gave us the momentum to come out in the second half and play the way we did."

McCardell on his second touchdown of the game:
"We were driving and we knew we needed to put some points on the board. I really thought that making that score, me being a leader, I have to step up and make a play. Brad gave me a chance to step up and make a play. He saw me, I made a move and it was a touchdown."

Tampa Bay running back Michael Pittman on winning the Super Bowl in his hometown:
"It's the greatest feeling in the world. Look at that trophy over there, it's about to be ours. We're the World Champions. I'm at a loss for words right now, but it's big coming in my hometown and I had a great game. I was trying to pull off the MVP, but Dexter Jackson played a great game."

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