Talking With The Enemy: Ronnie Brown

Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown spoke with the media on Wednesday about his relationship with Cadillac Williams, the success of the Wildcat formation, and what concerns him the most about the Buccaneers defense. Read on for the full transcript of his conversations with the Tampa Bay media only on

Q: What concerns you the most about the Buccaneers defense?

A: They do a good job of running to the football. I think they all play together which is good. You see those guys swarm so I think that is the toughest part. We just have to maintain our blocks.

Q: What do you think of the progression of your former teammate Carnell "Cadillac" Williams?

A: He is doing a great job. We talk on a weekly basis. Just for him to be able to be back and be in the swing of things, he says he feels 100 percent. He feels pretty good so I am happy for him.

Q: What is it about the Wildcat that makes it so successful?

A: It has been different. It is fun and exciting. At the same time, it has its challenges. Teams try to do something differently every week to see if they can stop it. I enjoy it.

Q: Do you think it is the most challenging formation for a defense to try and stop at this stage of the game?

A: It is hard to say. Obviously, we have a lot of things that we can do out of it. We can switch it up a bit. For the most part, defenses do different stuff so it is a challenge for us as well. We have to see a lot of different formations on the defensive side of the ball that we have to deal with and try to prepare for and see how teams are going to play it on a weekly basis.

Q: Last week we saw a little more of the Wildcat with Pat White, Can you talk about what he adds in terms of a dimension to be in that role?

A: I think it is just that the coaching staff is doing a great job of trying to utilize a guy's ability like Pat and the talent he has. He is capable of making plays. I think we all saw that last week in some of the things that he is able to do in running and throwing the football and in creating mismatches for the defense. He does a great job of getting in the game and kind of changing it up for us.

Q: Do you think the Bucs defense looks like they are capable of handling the Wildcat formation in what they have shown so far this season?

A: I think they do a great job of gang tackling and running to the football which presents a challenge in itself. You never know until we actually get out there in the formation and we show it and see how they are going to defend it, it is hard to tell.

Q: What situations do you get into where passing becomes an option for you and how do you like that role of playing as the quarterback?

A: It is exciting for me. It just depends on what their defense is doing and the things that they are giving us. Trying to take away one thing obviously opens up another option for us. We are trying to take what they give us as a team. When I am back there, it is just exciting because pretty much for me, I think of it as playing backyard football a little bit. For the most part, I have to handle the snap and do the fundamental things and put the ball in the right place. At the same time, you are able to kind of see things a little bit more when you are back there so you are able to make a play a little bit more.

Q: A couple of years ago, the team had a difficult season before finally getting your first win kind of like this team did last week. Can you just talk about what that sense of relief is like and what a load it was going that deep in the season without a win?

A: I think just the relief comes from obviously getting an 0-16 stamp off of your back. To finally get that relief and not have to worry about that as much, now you are able to focus a little bit more because whether you say it or not, you are still thinking about it. You sit there 0-6 and you start to think about it a little bit. It starts to kind of affect you a little bit because that little doubt starts to creep in. Now though you are able to lean back and focus a little bit more on football.

Q: Is it easier to play a team that is 1-7 who just won a game or 0-8 coming into Sunday trying to fight to gets its first victory?

A: I think it is hard to say. When they are sitting there 0-8 and their back is against the wall, they want to come out and get that first win worse and worse each week so that presents a challenge. When you get a team coming off a big win like the Bucs did last week against Green Bay, they now have a little bit of momentum and I think their confidence is coming back. I think that presents a challenge as well because now they have a little bit more confidence and they feel a little bit better about themselves. At the same time, they know they are capable of playing pretty good football.

Q: Ronnie you guys are now 3-5. Does it feel like a 3-5 football team or do you think it was just a bad start?

A: We all know that we are capable of playing better but our record says we are 3-5 and that is what we are. At the same time, we know we are capable of playing better and we had a few games that were close and could have gone either way. We ended up losing those games though and we just need to finish games better and put ourselves in better situations to be able to come out of the end of games with the victory.

Q: Talk a little bit about Chad Henne and the impact he has made on this team since Chad Pennington went down?

A: We have a guy who we are all pretty confident in. We are confident in his abilities. He is able to throw he ball down the field, he has a strong arm and he manages the game well. He hasn't been turning the ball over which is good. He has been putting us in good situations and giving the defense a chance when we don't actually convert on third downs. They are in better situations because we are able to punt the ball at the end of the down. At the same time, he comes in and doesn't really seem like a second year player. He does a great job of taking charge of the huddle and he seems like he has matured past what his actual years are which is good for us.

Q: Do you consider yourself an elite running back?

A: I think I am but I still feel like I have a ways to go as far as improvement. I feel like I have progressed over my career but I still feel like the best is yet to be seen.

Q: When you and Cadillac talk on the phone, does he ever say anything about wishing he could be a Wildcat back?

A: Not really. We joke about it but he has never said that it is something that he wishes he could do.

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