Bucs Experts Roundtable: Firing Raheem?

Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make a bold move and fire first-year head coach Raheem Morris after the season is over? We posed that question to our Bucsblitz.com and Scout.com experts to find out whether they would make that move. Get their exclusive analysis right here.

Adam Caplan, Scout.com Senior NFL Reporter: The only way they should entertain thoughts of relieving Morris of his duties after just one season would be if they thought he was totally in over his head. It's kind of hard after just one season to say that a guy can't handle the job. There has been talk in league circles, however, that he may be too close to some of his players. If that's true, then he needs to be told by upper management that he needs to back off.

It's kind of interesting that he decided to scrap Bates' scheme in favor of the Cover-2. Morris may be feeling the pressure even this early in his head-coaching career.

Chris Steuber, Scout.com NFL Draft Analyst: It's too early to fire Raheem Morris. The Buccaneers are in a transition period, they have promising young players that have to develop and that's going to take time. Morris is fortunate to have a player that he's familiar with and a potential franchise quarterback in Josh Freeman. Freeman is the player the organization can build around and until the Bucs secure some more talent it's hard to judge if the loses are on the team or Morris.

Tyler Frazier, Bucsblitz.com co-publisher: Firing Raheem Morris is the easy solution for the Buccaneers because someone has to be the scapegoat for such a poor season. This solution may not be the best one though.

Morris should not be fired at the conclusion of this season. In fact, the Buccaneers owners should give Morris a vote of confidence sooner rather than later.

The problem is that the Buccaneers just don't have the talent that other teams have. Why else would an NFL franchise spend the majority of the time picking players off other team's practice squads? Morris has the potential to become a great NFL head coach, but he should be given some time for his team to buy into his system.

The problem is that people wanted to give Morris the axe after the second week of the season because there were no immediate results. That and some were still in love with members from the previous regime. Yes errors were made especially in the hiring of both Jim Bates and Jeff Jagodzinski, but what is not known is who made those hires in the first place. Was it Morris, Mark Dominik, or the Glazers?

The bottom line is if this team wants to improve then the team needs to draft better and bring in players who could actually contribute. Where would this offense be if players such as Kellen Winslow and Jeff Faine weren't brought in? Many people familiar with the organization knew this team didn't have a chance to succeed this season whether Raheem Morris, Bill Walsh, or Vince Lombardi were coaching this team.

Until the talent level changes on the sidelines, the coach shouldn't be the fired just because there is no one else left to blame.

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