Updated Best Available Free Agents-Offense

There aren't a lot of good options left in free agency at the quarterback position. Veteran QB Jeff Garcia figures to get a look if a team loses a backup at that position.

Jeff Garcia - He made nearly $150,000 for two weeks of work earlier this season with the Philadelphia Eagles. There are plenty of teams that could use an experienced backup like Garcia.
Gus Frerotte - A decent backup option.
Brian Griese - The journeyman signal caller still offers a team a solid No. 2 role.
Todd Bouman - Low-end No. 2 QB at this point in his career.
Joey Harrington - Low-end No. 2 QB at this point in his career.
Cleo Lemon - Basically a third quarterback at this point in his career.
Quinn Gray - Low-end second quarterback.
Brooks Bollinger - No. 3 QB.
Drew Henson - Fits in as a third quarterback.

Running Back

Edgerrin James - You have to wonder how much he has left after two teams have released him this year.
Dominic Rhodes - Was a surprise release by the Buffalo Bills earlier this season. If the Chicago Bears were smart, they'd sign him now to back up Matt Forte. Had a workout for the Giants and Colts recently.
De De Dorsey - Opened some eyes in the UFL and has a chance to sign on with an NFL team as a second back. Has decent speed. Worked out for the Giants and Rams recently.
DeShaun Foster - Fits in as second back for a team that is also looking for a passing down back.
Selvin Young - Solid change of pace back. Surprising that he hasn't received much interest.
Kenny Watson - Offers a third-down role. Worked out for the Bills and Lions recently.
T.J. Duckett - A third back, but can handle a short-yardage role. Had a workout for the New York Giants recently.
Najeh Davenport (KR) - Talented, but an underachiever.
Michael Pittman (FB) - Fits in as a second back and can play fullback if needed.
Tatum Bell - Fits in as a second back.
Andre Hall (KR) - He's built low to the ground and has value as a third back.
Chris Perry (KR) - He worked out recently for the Redskins, Jets, and Chiefs.
Noah Herron (KR) - Decent third back who can also play on third downs.
Aveion Cason (KR) - Strictly a kickoff returner at this point in his career.
Maurice Hicks (KR) - Fits in as a third back.

Terrelle Smith - The Lions waived him recently. He still has plenty of years left as a starter.
Jameel Cook - Low-end starter. Worked out for the Panthers recently.
Darian Barnes - Recently released by the New Orleans Saints, but is still capable of starting. Worked out for the Saints recently.
Lorenzo Neal - He was recently released by the Oakland Raiders, but suffered a hamstring injury. He still wants to play.
Cecil Sapp - Fits in as a second fullback.

Wide Receiver
Marvin Harrison - Now 37, it's questionable if he has much left at this point. If healthy, he would fit in a as a third receiver.
Bobby Engram - The Chiefs let him go recently. He still should find a job with a team that is looking for a veteran slot receiver.
D.J. Hackett - When healthy, a solid option for a West Coast offensive team. Worked out for the Titans recently.
Jerry Porter - Big receiver who still has some productive years left. Worked out for the Titans recently.
Amani Toomer - Possible No. 3 WR at this point in his career.
Reggie Williams - Talented, but troubled receiver who may have a hard time finding a job any time soon.
Matt Jones - Started to realize his potential last season, but off-the-field issues are to blame for him being a free agent. Worked out for the Titans and Buccaneers recently.
Ronald Curry - No. 4 receiver at this point in his career.
Shaun McDonald - Solid option for depth.
David Patten - Fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Ike Hilliard (PR) - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Ashley Lelie - Fits in as a fourth or fifth receiver.
Chad Jackson - Has good size and can run, but hasn't shown much else in his career. Worked out for the Indianapolis Colts recently.
Robert Ferguson - Fits in as a fourth or fifth receiver.
Koren Robinson (KR) - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Darrell Jackson - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Billy McMullen - Basically a fourth or fifth receiver.
Keary Colbert - Underachiever and fits in as a fourth or fifth receiver.
Will Franklin - Fits in as a slot receiver.
Samie Parker - Speedy journeyman who fits in as a fifth receiver.

Tight End

Tony Curtis - Fits in as a second tight end. Blocks well. Worked out for the Texans recently.
Matt Schobel - Fits in as a third tight end.
George Wrighster - Fits in as a third tight end.
Jeb Putzier - Fits in as a third tight end. Known for his pass receiving skills.
Daniel Wilcox - Decent blocker who fits in as a second or third tight end.
Jerame Tuman - Fits in as a third tight end.
Courtney Anderson - One very highly regarded by the Raiders, but has bounced around quite a bit the past few seasons.
Dominique Byrd - Recently waived by the Cardinals and fits in as a third tight end.

Offensive Tackle
Jonas Jennings (LT/RT) - Oft-injured since he signed a big free-agent contract with the 49ers and probably is better off at right tackle because of his short arms.
Charles Spencer (LT/RT/G) - Very talented and versatile, but hasn't been the same after suffering a major leg/knee injury during his rookie season with the Texans. Played in the UFL recently.
Kwame Harris (LT) - Marginal starter, but could be a solid backup for a team in need of a LT.
L.J. Shelton (RT/LT) - Versatile backup.
Jason Fabini (RT/G) - Can play probably at least three spots on the offensive line. Serviceable backup at this point in his career.
Marcus Johnson (G) - Reportedly was released recently by the Buccaneers because of an off-the-field incident.
George Foster (RT) - Average backup tackle.
Anthony Davis (RT/G) - Marginal backup.
Wesley Britt (LT) - Decent backup LT. Worked out for the New Orleans Saints recently.
Milford Brown (G) - Better off playing RT or G.
Junius Coston (RT) - Fits in as a fourth tackle.

Maurice Williams (RT) - Was claimed off waivers by the Lions recently, but failed their team physical. Also worked out for the Panthers.
Pete Kendall - The 36-year old offensive lineman probably still has two good years left in him as a backup.
Terrence Metcalf - Was recently released by the Lions. Still a solid backup.
Dan Buenning - Solid backup option. He worked out for the Browns recently.
Adrian Jones - Decent backup option.
Elton Brown (RT) - Decent backup option.
Edwin Mulitalo - Oft-injured interior lineman who could be a pretty solid backup at this point of his career.
Toniu Fonoti - Former second-round pick of the San Diego Chargers who has bounced around in recent seasons.
Scott Peters - Basically a fourth guard.
Lennie Friedman (C) - Basically a fourth interior lineman.

Al Johnson - Was released, but with an injury settlement from the New England Patriots. If healthy, he would be an excellent backup.
Steve Justice - Has upside as a backup.
Jason Whittle (G) - The 33-year old lineman is capable of playing four positions on the offensive line.
Matt Lehr (G) - Capable of playing three positions as a backup.
Grey Ruegamer - Recently released by the Seattle Seahawks. Decent second center.

Long Snapper
Brad St. Louis - Long-time starter for the Bengals at this position, but was let go after struggling for a few games.
J.P. Darche - Has plenty of experience in this role.

Jason Elam - His effectiveness is way down and the Falcons released him.
Steven Hauschka - Big leg, but the Ravens got tired of his inaccuracy.
Taylor Mehlhaff - Young kicker who has some upside.


Kyle Larson - Long-time Bengal punter who was released earlier this year.
Ryan Plackemeier - Former seventh-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks who has bounced around a bit since being waived by them.
Derrick Frost - Veteran punter who struggled with the Packers last year.
Durant Brooks - Had promise coming out of college.
Tom Malone - Spent time with the New England Patriots recently.

Updated Best Available NFL Free Agents-Defense

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