Bucs Free Agent Focus Part 2

For the next several days, Scout.com and Bucsblitz.com experts will debate free agent issues surrounding the Buccaneers. Today, Adam Caplan, Tyler Frazier, and Matthew Postins discuss the rest of the Buccaneers' current free agents. Who could go and who could stay? Find out right here.

Aside from LB Barrett Ruud, which of the Bucs' free agents are the most likely to get offers from other teams during the offseason.

Adam Caplan, Scout.com Senior NFL Writer: Jermaine Phillips could receive a certain level of interest because of his versatility, but his latest off-the-field issue won't help his value. Donald Penn could get some interest if he gets no higher than a second-round tender.

Tyler Frazier, Bucsblitz.com co-publisher: While there could be plenty of interest in restricted free agents Cadillac Williams, Donald Penn and Jeremy Trueblood, the name that could draw the most offers from other teams is Jermaine Phillips. His injuries in the past could cause some teams to be hesitant when handing out contract offers but his versatility and playmaking abilities has made him very popular across the league. Antonio Bryant could have some suitors as well but Phillips is the star of the Bucs unrestricted free agent class. Restricted free agents such as Donald Penn, Jeremy Trueblood, and Cadillac Williams could receive some interest but teams will have to wait and see what type of qualifying offer the Bucs place on these players.

Matthew Postins: WR Antonio Bryant will probably generate some interest, only because his sub-par 2009 will make him much cheaper than the $10 million the Bucs chose to pay him in 2009 (what a waste of money, given the return). It's hard for me to see him staying in Tampa Bay with the departure of wide receivers coach Richard Mann, who was instrumental in Bryant's resurrection in 2008. Watch for Bryant to try and follow Mann wherever he ends up. S Jermaine Philips probably won't get much in the way of interest. He had his chance to cash in last year and no one really wanted him then. Now he's less than a season removed from a season-ending injury, plus there's the off-the-field mess. The Bucs could probably have him back for cheap. Among the restricted free agent, I think it's possible that T Donald Penn could generate some interest. He has a reputation for toughness throughout the league and there are several teams that could use a strong tackle. The Bucs won't tender him for much, if at all, and may just let him go altogether if a team really wants him.

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