Morris and Dominik react to drafting McCoy

The Buccaneers got the man they wanted on Thursday after they uses the third overall pick to select DT Gerald McCoy. Read on to find out what Head Coach Raheem Morris and GM Mark Domink had to say about their newest acquisition. Also, McCoy talks about being drafted by the Bucs, how he fits into the Tampa scheme and his relationship with Warren Sapp.


(On the importance of the three-technique)

"The three-technique position is so important for us, it's so vital. You need a guy that's going to cause disruption and a guy that makes people game-plan around him. A guy that can just be a disruptive force on your football team and he makes everybody else better around him. We got a guy today that's going to come in and provide that for us. Those are all the things you look for and those are the things that got that smile on my face. We look forward to him getting down to Tampa and getting a chance to introduce himself to this town."

(On selecting McCoy)

"We are very excited, I mean extremely excited to land him. This is Gerald McCoy's day. This is exactly who we wanted. This is exactly who we went out to get and we got him. He's a perfect fit for what we do. He's a three-technique, you saw it in college, he did it at Oklahoma He's going to come here, just change lingo and be able to fit right in with our system and what we want to do and how we want to do it. We're just excited to have him."

(On making everyone around him better)

"Whenever you talk about the three-technique position you're talking about the guy that's going to make everyone better around him. He makes the whole defense better, he makes the co-parts on the d-line, he makes the guys behind him better, the linebackers, the secondary definitely respect what he's able to do because he forces the ball out of their hands quicker and gives them an opportunity to make a play on the ball, just as quick as anybody can do .We look forward to him coming here and providing us a spark. We're looking forward to him coming here and being up on the stadium and one of the faces of our program. We look forward to him coming here and being a cornerstone of our defense for a long time- and that's what we got today, and we're excited about that."

(On if he [McCoy] will be a success)

"He's been in a similar system. He's been at Oklahoma playing that position over the last couple of years. He's been there, he's been productive. He's made his teammates better, he's made everyone better. Hints: The third pick of the draft. We're going to get the best Gerald McCoy we can get. His inner drive-the peace that he has at home, the love that he has for his parents. All of those things are going to make him a great player, and that's what we look forward too, that's what we covet, that's what we love about him and that's why he's going to be here."


(On initial feelings toward Gerald McCoy)

"We're very excited about him. I think a lot of you got a chance to see him react [to being selected]. This is a young man who understands Buccaneer history. Certainly he comes from the same school as Lee Roy Selmon, he's become friends with Warren Sapp, and it's been no secret to us that he was hoping to become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer and I think a lot of fans and a lot of you all saw how passionate he is about his lifelong dream being realized tonight. For what he has gone through losing his mother the way he did and having his little daughter, this is a young man that I couldn't be more proud of on and off the field. I think the community is really going to love him as much as he is off the field, but certainly it's going to matter what he does on the field as well. We're looking forward to him jumping right into that three-technique and playing for us."

(On the top qualities shown by McCoy that led to his selection)

"His initial get-off, he's got great use of hands, he's got a high motor when he's playing and attacking both in the run and pass game. He chases and pursues like Buccaneer players that we look for and then the make-up of the man. That's an important element that we're trying to establish here on this football team; the character of this football team. He checked the boxes in many, many areas, which made this an easy selection for us."

(On whether McCoy was the first choice all along)

"[He] was. We were certain that Sam Bradford was going one, or at least fairly certain, but you want to see the card go in. Once the card went in we knew we were going to get our guy and that was exciting. So we've been zeroed in on him and honestly, with the confidence that Bradford was going to go number one, the draft really started after the Gerald McCoy pick in my mind."

(On what separates McCoy)

"[It was] the fit. The natural three-technique fit was so important to this organization and I think a lot of people talked about that, but internally we talked about that as well. How important it is for this guy to be able to hit the ground running and be a productive football player for this team in many ways. He's a two-time captain at Oklahoma, the coach there said [McCoy] is the greatest leader he's ever had there at the University of Oklahoma and I think that's an unbelievable statement when you think about the players that have been through Oklahoma since Coach [Bob] Stoops has been there. We look forward to having that kind of energy and his kind of leadership on defense. We feel like we need that kind of a guy who is a vocal contributor to this football team, who can get guys riled up and finishing off plays and getting excited and he brings all that to this team and that really helped us."

(On the concerns about McCoy's numbers from 2009 and strength at the Combine)

"The production, for me, isn't always just statistically what happens in terms of quarterback sacks. A lot of people produce around a disruptive football player—it gives the linebackers a chance, it gives the ends a chance. This is an up-field, disruptive football player, which is why he was so highly sought after by us and so highly thought of by so many organizations in this league. In that way, I think he's going to continue to help and we're looking forward to him doing that and making all the players around him productive as well. In terms of his strength, I don't like to do comparisons, but, again, I go back, Warren Sapp did 17 reps in the bench press and you'll see that this young man did 23. I've never met a guy that has really correlated the bench press with how well they did in the National Football League. I don't know if it exists; I've never seen it. The guys who are the greatest bench pressers, if you go back and do the research, there's not a correlation of whether [they] are going to be great football players. I just don't see it. Certainly, if he does one, that might be a different story, but I felt very comfortable about those two elements of his football game."


(On feelings after being selected by the Buccaneers)

"I'm very emotional, being a Buccaneer fan. My mother was not here today to witness it, but she [saw] it. That's really what the emotion was, just missing my mother and trying to make her proud today.

(On whether it was the case that he wanted to be a Buccaneer)

"It was [the case]. I couldn't wait to be a Buccaneer. I grew up a fan and I knew a lot of the history of the team and I'm just glad that I can come here to help and do what I can.

(On his expectations coming to the Buccaneers)

"They didn't bring me in to not play, I know that much, so whether I start or not, I know I'll get considerable playing time. I just want to come in and do what I can and do my best for the Buccaneers, no longer for the Sooners."

(On fitting into the team and possibly starting)

"I might, I plan to [start]. That's the plan. I want to come in and be a starter, I wanted to do that in college, and [they] play the same thing we did in college, the Tampa-2, they play that in Tampa Bay, they went back to it, and they think I'm the best fit for it. I can't wait to get going."

(On the poor success rate for defensive tackles drafted in high spots)

"That's the past. This is the 75th Draft, 2010. Ndamukong Suh was a great pick, I feel I was a fairly decent pick, and my boy, actually, Tyson [Alualu], who I trained with went in the Top 10 and I'm happy for him. It's going to be a different kind of draft for [defensive] tackles."

(On when, exactly, it became clear that he was going to end up with Tampa Bay)

"I wanted to be a Buccaneer, I'm not going to lie. I couldn't just openly say that, but now that I've been picked, I want to be Buccaneer and I always wanted to be a Buccaneer. When they were there in the top three I was happy about that. I actually didn't know [that the Buccaneers would select me]. You never know. This draft right here, I've been listening to it and the things I've been expecting have not been what's happened. So it was unpredictable. I had no idea until I saw Ndamukong Suh's phone ring."

(On his relationship with Warren Sapp)

"I just met Warren Sapp a few weeks ago. He's a great guy. He said he's going to take me under his wing and he's going to help me out. He's going to work with me on the field, off the field, I'm going to be his guy. I've come in to help this team, I didn't come in to be on the sideline and just be another rookie who got paid a lot of money. I want to be a great football player and I plan to do that for Tampa Bay."

Quotes courtesy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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