Newest Buccaneers talk about joining team

DT Brian Price, WR Arrelious Benn and CB Myron Lewis speak with the media about the draft process, being selected by the Buccaneers and what fans should expect when they step on the field.


(On his feelings about becoming a part of the Buccaneers)
"I feel great. It's a great opportunity, a dream come true. I'm just happy to be a part of a great organization. I just can't wait to be a part."

(On possibly being surprised about his selection following the first-round selection of DT Gerald McCoy)
"I was surprised, really just with the whole waiting game and stuff like that, but they told me out there that they'd see me again and I felt that was the place for me to be. I just felt it in my heart that everything was right."

(On his thoughts about his future given that he and McCoy both play the three-technique)
"No plans yet. I'm just going in and I'm going to show up with my attitude and effort. I have a positive attitude and 110 percent effort, so the sky's the limit."

(On how playing at UCLA has prepared him for an NFL career)
"We had a lot of NFL coaches on the staff, so we had an upperhand on a lot of other schools. [The coaches] know what it takes to get to the next level so that's what they preach to us. They've been getting us prepared. In the Pac-10 conference we have a combination of both run and pass, so that gets us prepared for both things."

(On making it to the NFL after a challenging childhood in South Central Los Angeles)
"It was a dream of mine before I could even play [football]. I always had that dream of being in the NFL. It was my goal to get there and then stay there and to be one of the greater ones that played. It was always my goal in my mind. Now it's all coming true. God has blessed me and my family tremendously and I am just happy to be a part."

(On his visit to Tampa Bay)
"The trip out there was great. The facilities are great. The coaches are wonderful. I just can't wait to be a part of it."

(On whether he felt, after his workout in Tampa, that he would be selected by the Buccaneers)
"I met the owners and the coaches were all speaking highly of me. I just felt in my heart that I was going to end up there. Everybody on the staff was saying that they'd see me again pretty soon, and I took that to heart. I was like, 'Maybe they're serious.' So I thought maybe I would be in Tampa Bay again."

(On what he knows about McCoy and his expectations for working on the defensive line together)
"Gerald McCoy had the juice the whole season. I remember watching him play in the National Championship game against Florida and he balled out. He's a great player. I talked to him for a little bit at the Combine and he's a great person. I think he's going to be a great teammate and a great person to play with. We can both learn from each other. He's a great athlete and I can't wait to get on the field and play."

(On if he'd be happy to play nose tackle instead of three-technique)
"I can play any position. I played every position at UCLA on the d-line. I like playing nose [tackle], as well, so wherever the team wants to put me, I'll play."


(On being drafted by the Buccaneers)
"I didn't know who was going to pick me going into it, this is like a rollercoaster, but I'm excited, I'm pumped. In Tampa with a guy like Josh Freeman, I'm just ready to go and show what I can do to help this team."

(On being recruited by Head Coach Raheem Morris out of high school)
"It was good, he worked his butt off to recruit me, and he's a great coach, a great guy. He was recruiting me when Josh [Freeman] was there and now it's a small reunion. Now we're going to get together and maybe it's meant to be"

(On people criticizing his 40-time)
"I know I can stretch the field and people can criticize my speed all they want but I know what I'm capable of."

(On Josh Freeman)
"My impressions are good about him. He's a guy who's very competitive, he came in and made a big splash last year and were going to do a lot of big things together."

(On when a team trades up to draft you)
"It tells me a lot. The fact that they took me so high, they wanted to get me in right away and start working."

(On getting yards after the catch)
"It's real big, I'm the guy that wants to catch touchdown. I'm just excited to get down there and just make plays."

(On comparisons to other receivers in the draft)
"The other guys are good, but I feel as though I'm that guy that's going to take it to another level, and the next level. The next level is totally different, I approach the game different, and I take a professional approach to everything I do."


(On the idea the Buccaneers were interested)
"I got a little love from them, I didn't expect it at all, and when I saw my name go across that board, I was so excited. I get to stay close to home as well."

(On what fans can expect from him as a player)
"I'm a tall, aggressive guy. I'm going to fit well with the Tampa-2. I'm a Tampa-2 guy, very aggressive against receivers, long arms, and I'm just a big-time playmaker. I'm going to make plays for the defense."

(On stopping the run)
"No problems with it. I'm going to come up and knock some heads off. I'm ready, ready to go to work."

(On your size)
"Just being 6-1 plus and weighing over 205 pounds, I'm a unique guy. I'm able to stick with the bigger, taller receivers and actually play the jump ball, the deep ball."

(On his favorite team growing up)
"My brother [Hanik Milligan], he actually played in the NFL, so whatever team he played for, I'd wind up being a fan of them (Chargers, Rams, Cardinals). I watched all the Florida teams, I love Florida, that's my state, and I'm going to root for all the Florida teams. But growing up, my brother played in the NFL for five years and all the teams he played for I supported them 110 percent."

(On if he considers himself a corner)
"Yes, I played cornerback since high school, and I made a transition when I came into college. They brought me in as a safety and I was in that position for about half of camp, then coach moved me to cornerback and that's been my final role ever since."

(On developing under Ronde Barber)
"I won't mind at all, he's a vet, I'm going there, and he knows the ins and outs of the whole NFL playing the cornerback position. I'm just ready to learn and take coaching from a vet like him."

All quotes courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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