Week 1 Report Card

How did the Cardinals grade out in their 17-13 win against the St. Louis Rams? Find out here.

PASSING OFFENSE: C - QB Derek Anderson completed just 54 percent of his passes and had trouble hitting receiver Larry Fitzgerald, his No. 1 target. The Rams hurt the Cardinals with a ton of blitzes, but Anderson showed good toughness in hanging in the pocket. Receiver Steve Breaston had 132 receiving yards, a career high.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- The Cardinals used running plays exclusively on one 76-yard drive but didn't have much consistency otherwise. They missed Beanie Wells' big-play ability, and Tim Hightower fumbled twice.

PASS DEFENSE: A -- The Cardinals intercepted three of Sam Bradford's passes and held the Rams to 13 points. Safeties Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes combined for the interceptions, and defensive end Calais Campbell applied steady pressure.

RUSH DEFENSE: B -- They limited Steven Jackson to fewer than 100 yards, although Jackson didn't get the ball that much, especially early. Still, a solid effort.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- Punt returner Max Komar, an undrafted rookie, was shaky. He fumbled one punt and muffed another. The Cardinals recovered both, but it's questionable if he'll keep the job. Punter Ben Graham had an average day and the cover teams were solid.

COACHING: B -- The game plans were solid but not spectacular. The club had 10 penalties that were accepted. The run game was inconsistent, and adjustments made to pick up the blitz often didn't work. Maybe that was due to individual player breakdowns.

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