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After experiencing an unusual first week of the season, fantasy football treks on with the second week of NFL action. Dangerous fantasy starts dot this weekend's landscape. Tyson Q's FFC breaks down five players who could be frustrating fantasy owners on Sunday.

Michael Vick

After posting his best post-imprisonment performance, fantasy owners were quick to jump on the Michael Vick bandwagon. With a start looming against the perennial doormat Detroit Lions, snagging Vick seems like a no-brainer. This is one situation where it may just be fools gold.

Coach Andy Reid has publicly stated that Vick will be a pocket-passer, limiting his value as a runner. Contributing to that fact is the Lions have had a week to prepare for a running quarterback. If the Lions force Vick to continuously make the tough throw and keep him in the pocket, it will be a long weekend for those who had hoped for a return to 2005.

Carson Palmer

Fantasy Rule #1: Never start a quarterback against the Ravens defense. It doesn't matter if it's the year 2000 or the year 2010. Even without the top safety in the NFL, Ed Reed, the Ravens made quick work of a supposedly revamped Jets team. While the weapons on the Bengals are better, the results will still be the same. Expect about 200 yards, 1 touchdown and two interceptions from Palmer.

Calvin Johnson

Johnson's talent is undeniable. His game-winning touchdown catch (prior to an NBA-esque call by the NFL refs), showed he is well on his way to becoming the top receiver in the league. The problem here is not with Johnson, but with who will be delivering his passes. With Matthew Stafford sidelined, Shaun Hill takes over against a decent Philadelphia defense, dashing any hopes of a 100-yard game from the Lions star player.

Frank Gore

Alex Smith is a terrible quarterback that has remained in the league simply because the 49ers cannot gather enough cajones to admit their mistakes and cut their losses. They have poured millions into a player that posts a career quarterback rating a mere 3.4 points higher than JaMarcus Russell. Yes, the JaMarcus Russell. The New Orleans Saints will be able to stack the box and force Smith to find a way to beat them, which he won't be able to do. Gore will be facing a defense focused on containing him, a feat easily completed by the Seahawks in Week 1.

Randy Moss

The Jets were embarrassed on Monday night and a high profile defense will be looking for revenge. Premier cornerback Darrelle Revis has his first game under his belt and Antonio Cromartie has the size to match up with Moss. Moss won't find much room to operate in this week's matchup.

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