Hightower's ball security a problem?

RB Tim Hightower fumbled twice against the St. Louis Rams. Will his ball security issues continue?

The Cardinals are concerned enough about running back Tim Hightower's propensity to fumble that the coaching staff will be working hard with him this week on how he holds the ball.

Hightower lost two fumbles in the season opener, one early and one later. The one in the first quarter ended a promising drive, and the one in the fourth gave the Rams one last chance to win.

Hightower is a violent runner prone to causing great collisions. But the staff feels his fumbling problem is a result of carrying the ball too loose. Hightower has worked diligently on the problem and thought he was keeping the ball high and tight against his body.

Replay, however, showed that he had brought the ball down, allowing defenders to knock it out.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt had a talk with Hightower on the plane ride home from St. Louis.

"Yeah, we talked and it was the obvious," Whisenhunt said, "you can't put the ball on the ground if you want to play."

The Cardinals didn't think the second fumble was ruled correctly and replay showed that Hightower was down before the ball came out. The official, however, disagreed.

"I don't think it was a fumble," Whisenhunt said, "but listen, you can't put it in a situation where the officials are forced to make that kind of call."

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