Cardinals: Positive Reviews for Hall

Max Hall has passed the test so far but will it continue as teams game plan for the rookie quarterback?

Rookie quarterback Max Hall has received nothing but positive reviews since taking over the starting job prior to the Cardinals' last game.

Hall will have a longer grace period than his predecessor, veteran Derek Anderson, but he also should know that he has to start producing results.

In Hall's six-plus quarters of action this season, the offense has scored just one touchdown, and that came on a 2-yard fumble return by offensive tackle Levi Brown.

Hall was intercepted on the second pass of his first start and was fortunate that teammates recovered his two fumbles.

He faces a great challenge this week when the Cardinals go to Seattle, one of the NFL's toughest venues. The noise at Qwest Field can cause problems for offenses, especially those led by rookie quarterbacks.

If coach Ken Whisenhunt is worried about Hall dealing with the crowd noise, he's doing a good job of disguising it.

"I'm sure at some point he's played in it in college," Whisenhunt said. "I think he got to experience a little bit of that in Atlanta, some of it in San Diego. I don't think from the standpoint of having to deal with the noise, going through the procedures of doing that, that it's going to be something that's foreign to him."

Hall would be helped if receivers Steve Breaston and Early Doucet return from injuries. The Cardinals won't know for sure about those two until later in the week.

Whisenhunt, however, expressed confidence in three rookies who have filled in.

"I think the way Andre (Roberts) and Max (Komar) and Stephen (Williams) have all come along really helps," the coach said. "They've gotten a lot of plays and made some plays for us. Those are the kinds of things that give you confidence to put your plan in no matter who your receiver is."

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