Cardinals: Time to Point Fingers?

The Arizona Cardinals fell to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday in what could have been a season changer for the reigning NFC West champs. Frustration resonated from every corner of the locker room following the loss. Still, the common theme remains. The Cardinals say nobody is pointing fingers, is it time to start?

The Cardinals are riding a four-game losing streak, which includes a pair of losses to NFC West contender, the Seahawks. With seven games on the docket, including three division contests, the Cardinals are starting to make some noise. Despite some of it expletive, it's still very calculated, politically correct noise.

Ken Whisenhunt is adamant his team and his coaches are putting in the work. He wants his team to fight to eliminate mistakes come game day.

"We are getting it during the week," Whisenhunt said. "Our practices have been good. Our guys are working hard. Our tempo has been good. We're just not carrying it over to the game."

Perhaps fans remain the only uncensored part of the plot, calling for at least one coach's head. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis appears to be the latest on the dartboard. Whisenhunt cautions that he hasn't considered staff changes; he doesn't believe in doing so in-season.

With the coaching staff off the hot seat for now, players on both sides of the ball are looking in the mirror for blame. Todd Haley called his former team's defense explosive, but it's been far from it.

"We got talent, but, man, that (expletive) ain't working, straight up.," Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said. "We've got to put it together. I'm talking about all of us."

SS Adrian Wilson used similar verbiage to describe last Sunday's loss to Seattle. He even slept on the loss before talking to reporters. He returned Monday firing on all cylinders. He expressed he was playing like (expletive).

"Nobody's pointing fingers at anybody," Wilson said. "It's everybody. Everybody is to blame for where we are now. It's not just one person."

He's right. The Cardinals are underwhelming in all areas. The ground game, which was expected to improve with the aid of Beanie Wells has been consistently inconsistent.

With Wells expected to play against the Chiefs, the question of who will be the featured back is once again up for debate. Both backs would rather be the Chief than the Indian.

Wells easily points out that his absence has impacted the team, because he's a missing part of the puzzle. He thinks when he isn't out there, his team isn't running to its capabilities.

Tim Hightower failed to produce in Wells' sideline duty, which won't help his cause if Wells is on active duty.

The Chiefs don't suffer the same agony. Todd Haley's backs lead the league on the ground. The Chiefs have other ground to make up, though. While the Cardinals are in must-win mode, the Chiefs want to snap their two-game losing streak. Haley also needs to make up for his pee-wee football, post-game antics against the Broncos. A good-old fashioned competitive competition between two friends, Haley and Whisenhunt, should do the trick.

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