Cardinals: Whiz Dealing with Criticism

The Cardinals are getting progressively worse as the season continues and coach Ken Whisenhunt is taking the heat.

Through six consecutive defeats, Ken Whisenhunt has repeated a mantra to his players: trust in the system and the wins will come.

Many Cardinals fans, however, are tired of hearing it. The results aren't coming, so staying the course is a hard sell.

Whisenhunt said that philosophy has been misinterpreted and that changes will be made if expectations aren't met.

"When I talk about doing the same things we've been doing, I'm talking about organizationally as far as how we prepare, how we practice," he said. "To me, it doesn't make sense to come in here and change the time that you practice or change the routine of how you practice because (that) is really not what the problem is.

"The problem is we're not performing up to expectations on game day."

Not only are the Cardinals losing, they are getting worse, not better. They haven't been competitive in their last three games, losing by an average of 19 points.

"It's not easy, but that's part of the job," Whisenhunt said. "Like I said, it hurts. It hurts me. Not so much from the standpoint of not winning games -- that hurts -- but for the feeling that we've let our fans down because we have worked so hard to get our fans' trust. That bothers me. That's what keeps me awake at night.

"Listen, I'm no different than the next guy. I want to win. My expectation is that we win. We're going to continue to work to make sure we do that."

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