Cards: Playbook to remain limited for Skelton

Rookie QB John Skelton will make his second career start and the playbook will reflect that.

Quarterback John Skelton will start his second consecutive game on Sunday, but the Cardinals likely won't expand the playbook beyond last week's size.

Skelton, a rookie, handled that well last week, although he did bungle a couple of play calls, flipping formations to the wrong side of the field.

There are some changes to this week's game plan, of course, and coach Ken Whisenhunt said he could see Skelton's mind spinning with the new information.

But Skelton, who went to Fordham, is bright and picks them up quickly. He was poised in last week's victory over the Broncos. While he completed just 15 of 37 passes, Skelton was the victim of four dropped passes and never seemed to get flustered.

"I didn't realize I had seven straight incompletions to start the game," said Skelton, a fifth-round pick. "When you see a stat like that, it's kind of eye-popping."

Three of the drops came in those first seven passes, but Skelton was never flustered. It's a trait that should serve him well down the stretch as the Cardinals try to salvage something positive from a disastrous season.

To win in Carolina, the Cardinals are going to need another solid defensive effort like they've had the last two weeks.

They have been hoping for that kind of performance all season, because Whisenhunt knew the offense was going to struggle. The defense didn't come through, and that's a big factor in the team's 4-9 record.

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