Fitz, The Latest QB Consultant

All-Pro wideout Larry Fitzgerald won't be making the quarterback decision in Arizona, but given Whisenhunt's mishandling of the situation headint into 2010, it might not be a bad idea.

Reports of All-Pro wideout Larry Fitzgerald being consulted to help find the Cardinals next starting quarterback shouldn't come as a surprise.

Given the struggles of the 2010 season, particularly under center, many believe Fitzgerald's patience with the organization is growing thin. There's no question an internal source leaked this information to help ease the tension between the two parties and begin the process of trying to lock up Fitzgerald for the long-term. Fitzgerald's current deal is set to expire following next season.

Two names brought up in the report were Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb and Marc Bulger of the Baltimore Ravens. While Kolb has asked to be traded from Philadelphia, the Eagles hold all of the bargaining power and will demand top dollar for a potential long-term starter in the league. In addition, Michael Vick's running nature makes him prone to injuries and having a dependable backup will remain a top priority for the Eagles. Kolb certainly fits that bill.

Even if the Cardinals went after Kolb, the compensation Philadelphia is seeking will likely come in the form of multiple draft picks. As of now, Arizona's roster appears to be headed for massive changes for the second consecutive year and giving up valuable picks in the draft wouldn't be an ideal move.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt recently went on record stating that Fitzgerald won't have the final say in the quarterback decision, as if anyone actually believed that to be true. However, given Whisenhunt's botched handling of the QB situation coming into 2010, it might not be a bad idea.

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