Cardinals: Offseason News & Notes

SS Adrian Wilson underwent surgery and negotiations with wideout Larry Fitzgerald continue.

--SS Adrian Wilson underwent surgery recently to repair a torn abductor muscle that he said he played with all of last season. The injury could partly explain why Wilson often was a liability in coverage. It's unknown which muscle Wilson tore, but abductor muscles are located in the hip and groin area. Tearing one affects a player's ability to rotate his hips. That was a problem for Wilson throughout the season.

--Negotiations with receiver Larry Fitzgerald continued through the end of the league season, but it's doubtful Fitzgerald signs before the Cardinals address their quarterback situation for 2011. Fitzgerald has voiced opinions about players to coach Ken Whisenhunt, but Fitzgerald will keep a low public profile on the issue. He's sensitive about being perceived as another diva receiver.

--The Cardinals have taken some heat for not re-signing some key free agents last year. General manager Rod Graves, in an indirect way, seems to agree that the team drifted from its philosophy of keeping core players together. It sort of underscores the importance of re-investing in your players and keeping that continuity. That's one of the things, after the season was over, we felt like we've taken too much of a hit to our core group of players over the last year or two. We've got to get back to maintaining that. We feel like we're drafting well. Our coaches are developing our players well, and Ken's committed to the young group as much as he is to the veterans.

--Coaches and management won't criticize running back Beanie Wells publicly but they do expect more out of Wells, the first-round pick in 2009.

The injuries have been legitimate injuries but we are expecting he is going to make an even larger contribution to our football team, Graves said. Beanie is a very talented player, and I think we're fortunate to have both him and Tim Hightower and LaRod Stephens-Howling. We've had a very outstanding group of running backs. He (Wells) has the talent to be an every-down player, and we expect his contributions are going to be felt even more this season.

QUOTE TO NOTE: One (question) is whether or not with that fifth pick, you can afford to have a player who won't make an immediate contribution to you. While it's not an assurance that every player at any position will be able to do that, we are concerned that we need to have an immediate impact. -- GM Rod Graves.

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